Trying new stuff - Bohemian Blanket

I have been fairly conservative with my yarn choices in the past. Usually opting to stick with what I know. Mainly cotton (the non splitty variety!) and I have to confess to making the obligatory Stylecraft Acrylic purchase. Won't make that mistake again! Not that there's anything wrong with it. It's just really not for me. I don't like the texture. It sets my teeth on edge! I've almost finished a granny stripe blanket made from the Stylecraft. I shall grit my teeth and finish it one day. It'll make a fab picnic blanket!

I fell in love with this blanket a while back. Oh I really wanted to make it. And it just so happened that my friend had all the yarn to make it but not the time. Brilliant! Yarn purchased :-)

I was a little nervous about starting as 1. I've never used a colour change yarn before and 2. I've never worked with anything other than my usual yarn type.

Well what a revelation!!!! I LOVE the colour change and also the yarn. It was a really easy pattern to follow and I quickly amassed a stack of completed squares.

The colours were just divine and it was exciting seeing each square emerge as no two were the same!

Blocking in the sunshine!

I honestly couldn't believe how quick this blanket cam together!

Ta daa!!!!! All joined and edged.

Doesn't it look gorgeous? 

From start to finish this blanket took just over 2 weeks! Now I don't consider myself to be a quick hooker by any stretch of the imagination and I should also add that I work full time! The squares hooked up in super quick time.

Maybe it's time to expand my yarn choices ;-)

Maria x

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