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Ok this progress post is a little later than planned, but late than never eh?
I was finishing up a rather tricky commission that took waaayyyyy longer than anticipated so it kind of threw my schedule off by a couple of weeks. That and a knitting addiction and also work being a bit nuts. However.... I think I'm getting back on track.

If you remember from the last post I had received some delicious new yarn to play with. 

Scheepjes Metropolis is a fairly new release. 75% Extra Fine Merino and 25% Nylon fingering weight. It's available in a mind blowing range of colours! 

When I ordered this yarn I knew I wanted to make a shawl/wrap type of thingy in these retro colours. In my mind I kind of knew how I wanted it to look. 

So I had a little play...and played some more....and some more....
You get the picture!

Try as I might, the geometric design that I had in my head did not want to become a shawl/wrap thingy.


Well who was I to argue with such a demand??!!!

So off I set, making heaps of tiny 2 round circles....

And before I knew it I had joined them up to make half a cushion cover...

I joined the circles with the cream yarn

Random (yes! completely random) pops of colour amongst the charcoal grey

Oh. My. Goodness.
I am in love with this. 
I love the colours playing together and the design and texture. 

Oh and a few words about the yarn. It's a joy! 
It's fairly lightly played which makes it super soft. 
It slips off the hook like butter and has beautiful stitch definition.
But the best thing? Oh without a doubt the best thing is the smell.
It smells of sheep!
Glorious woolly woolly sheep. 
Yes! A yarn from Scheepjes that smells of sheepies!!!!!
Pretty darn perfect if you ask me!

Ok next time we will have a finished object.

Til then x

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Happiness Is A Newly Released Yarn.... Oh And A New Project In The Offing!

Well hello there! Long time no blog!
I know....it's been a while.
I've not been idle though.... oh no no no! Lots of yarny goodness has flown off my hook/needles so far this year. I'll try and do a bit of a show and tell at some point.

Soooo..... new yarn!
And pretty darn fine yarn at that.

Let me introduce you to Metropolis by Scheepjes.

Described as yarn for the urban crafter.....

And available in a mind blowing range of 80 colours!!!! 
Yup you read that right.... 80!

And boy are those colours delicious....

So trying to choose colours for a new project was tricky...I mean... my (not so) inner yarn addict wanted to order 1 of every colour...just to see!!!
However. I am trying to reduce the amount of yarn scrunched into my teeny spare bedroom/studio....so I decided to be sensible and select a small, but utterly delightful colour palette.

Oh it arrived bundled in this gorgeous organza bag complete with Scheepjes ribbon!
*happy sighs*

I've chosen a palette very different to my usual choices. 
This is going to be a very striking and bold design.
Well in my head it looks good....!!!

This colour combo makes my heart sing 💗

Anyhoos.....a little about this gorgeous yarn. 
It's a 75% Extra Fine Merino, 25% nylon fingering weight yarn. Every 50g gives you 200m of super soft squishy yarn. It's machine washable at 40 degrees so perfect for garments, socks and accessories including shawls and hats. 

Gorgeous isn't it?!
Now I just need to figure out what to make!!!
I have some ideas...

Pop back in a couple of weeks to see the work in progress....

Til next time x

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Ziggy Ziggy... the FREE pattern!

As promised, tonight I'm going to share the pattern for my Ziggy Ziggy scarf.
It's a pattern that can be adjusted according to your preferred sizing. It's also very suitable for a novice hooker. More experienced hookers will find it a lovely relaxing TV project. 
Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn - 2 colours of your choice
(for the blue and green scarf I have used 974 The Curio Crafts Room and 970 Cypress Textiles - 2 of each colour way and for the red and blue scarf I've used 971 Jellina Creations and 969 Lilla Bjorn - 1 ball of each)
Size 4.5mm crochet hook
Darning Needle to weave in ends
Blocking materials
How To
Written in UK English Terms
Starting chain is worked in multiples of 13 + 2
For the narrower scarf A I have started with a chain of 80 and scarf, which is a third wider, a starting chain of 119
It is entirely your choice! Make your starting chain using the first of your 2 chosen colours
Starting Row (Still using first colour) In second chain from hook 1dc *5dc, 3dc in next st, 5dc, skip 2 st. Repeat from * to last 2 sts, dc2tog. Turn.
Pattern Row 1ch (counts as 1 dc throughout) 1dc *5dc, 3dc in next st, 5dc, skip 2 st. Repeat from * to last 2 sts, dc2tog. Turn.
Join in your second colour after 2 rows have been worked. You will change colour every 2 rows. 
DO NOT BREAK THE YARN! Simply carry it loosely up the side of your work.
You can see on this photo how the yarn looks when carried up the side. I always bring the yarn I'm about to work with to the front and keep the yarn I've just finished with to the back. That way I won't forget and it'll keep everything nice and neat!
Continue working the pattern row and changing colours until your scarf is the desired length. 
Fasten off yarns, weave in ends and wet block!

Finished Sizes: My blue scarf measures 158cm x 35cm and took approx. 1.5 balls of each colour. The red scarf measures 148cm x 27cm and took a ball of each colour. 
Your scarf is finished and ready to wear!
NB Due to the nature of the zig zag pattern, it will concertina in a little. Tis all fine! 

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy and peaceful New Year.
Join me in 2019 for more hooky adventures!
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Introducing... Ziggy Ziggy!

I found a little time in this crazy month to take some photos of the finished scarves.... we went out and about on a country estate and snapped like crazy! Thankfully the weather was on our side.... no up a mountain shots this time but I do love the photos we managed to get.

Soooo.... as I mentioned in the last post, I made up the scarf in 2 colour ways.
Both using Scheepjes Our Tribe.
Each scarf uses 2 different colour ways... the one on the left is made with Jellina Creations and Lilla Bjorn....and the one on the right is made with Cypress Textiles and The Curio Crafts Room.
I'll share the free pattern tomorrow, but it's very easy to adjust the width and length of both scarves. Ok let's have a little look at each one more closely....

These 2 colour ways work beautifully together and give a nice subtle effect.....
For something a little more bold the second scarf packs a little more punch!

The photo above was taken as the light was more golden....hence the warmer effect!

Join me tomorrow when I'll share the free pattern! 
Til then x

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Getting ziggy with it....

Hey! Welcome back for a little WIP update!
My Scheepjes Our Tribe project...
Let's just crack on and look at some photos eh?

I decided on a zig zag design....alternating yarns to give this lovely striped effect.
Stripy zig zags!!!
I love how the colours play with each other....

It's a very relaxing project... perfect for snuggling up in front of the TV with.
The colour changes keep the interest going..... 

Before I knew it, I had a lovely finished scarf....

Pinned out on the blocking board you can really appreciate how the two colours work together!

Next time I'll share pics of both the finished scarves together!
They've already done a good job of keeping us warm in the chilly weather.

Til next time x

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Squeezing in something new.....


Hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time!
It's been busy here..... lots of making and finishing up projects.
I always do this....leave it til the last minute!
So this is a speeded up last of year project for you all....

Over the next few days I shall share the process of my latest creation. And, of course, there will be grande finale with a free pattern.

If you remember back to THIS post.... I introduced Scheepjes Our Tribe.
A yarn with colour ways chosen by the Scheepjes Bloggers.

I knew I wanted to make something with it...but wasn't quite sure what....so I kept my samples stored safely to one side until inspiration hit!

I love the gentle colour changes in this yarn and decided I wanted to play with the colours a bit and showcase how they can contrast and work together!

I initially chose two colours, Cypress Textiles and The Curio Craft Room.
Both had colours I adore and I was certain they would complement each other nicely!

I did go on to choose another two....to make a second sample....but completely forgot to take photos before I started!!!!

So a bit more about the yarn....

It's mainly Merino Superwash but with some added polyamide to make it a little more hardwearing. It's a single (not plyed) so that can make it a little wiggly....but don't worry as that won't affect the finished item. It's also what I call a sticky yarn! Because it's a single with not a great deal of twist, it's not totally smooth and has some loose fibres that can make ripping back a little tricky....but not impossible with care. 

It's super soft and passes the next to neck test with flying colours....which is just as well...as this little lot is destined to be a funky scarf!

Join me tomorrow and I'll share some work in progress photographs....

Til then x

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Funky Flower Lampshade How To.....


Ok tonight I'm going attempt to give you instructions on how to make the lampshade.

If you remember....way back when....

It all started with a selection of Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat balls of yarn, some cream fabric and a lampshade kit....oh and some quiet optimism!

I ended up choosing some key colours that I thought would work well with the wallpaper in my bedroom and set to making little flowers!

I ended with a lovely selection!

Before I go on with the instructions, I just wanted to talk about the lampshade.
I made mine. I wasn't too tricky....just a bit fiddly and it definitely needs two pairs of hands!

I bought this kit from Amazon. It was £8.99 and contains everything you need apart from the fabric...I used a scrap from my fabric box. They come in a variety of sizes so you can make a one that will fit your desired lamp base. The instructions were easy to follow....I'd only add one top tip! Before  you cut your fabric to the sticky paper size....allow a 1cm border on one of the short edges, then neatly fold this over onto the sticky paper. Add a length of the double sided tape to secure when you roll the and secure to the metal rings. This will leave you with a nice neat join....unlike my messy one!!!!

Alternatively.....head to a bargain shop and just buy a plain lampshade to pimp up to your hearts content!!!! 

Right! Onto the gritty business of making the flower frenzy lampshade

You Will Need....

Lampshade kit/Plain Lampshade
Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat yarn in your chosen colour selection

I used : 
786 Fuchsia
128 Tyrian Purple
750 Bordeau
189 Royal Orange
208 Yellow Gold
400 Petron Blue
390 Poppy Rose
245 Green Yellow

1.5mm crochet hook
Darning Needle to weave in those pesky ends!
Blocking board and pins
Ric Rac to decorate 
Fabric Glue (choose the dries clear variety!)

First off you need a heap of flowers. Probably more than you think!
I decided to make a wavy design around my lampshade....you can play with designs

For the flower designs I searched Pinterest for inspiration and was stunned at the array of free patterns available. 

I chose 3 main designs for my flowers....

The first can be found on here on Pink Mambo. It's the beautiful Taanvi's Flower. 
I made a few of these, varying the colour combinations. 

Next came this stunning design... the Japanese Flower. There's a step by step tutorial here on Revlie
Lots of bright colour combinations bring this to life!

This beauty provided a nice contrast to the more lacy designs.... nice and simple but very effective.
You can find the pattern here on Crochet 'n' Create

These 3 designs formed the basis of the flower wave but I also needed some cute little fill in flowers.

I made these very simply in a single colour by making a magic circle and then 10 double crochet into the circle, join with a slight stitch and close the circle. Next *chain 4, make 2 treble crochets into the next stitch, chain 4 and slip stitch into the next stitch. Repeat from * four more times to make 5 petals in total. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

I also made some smaller ones in exactly the same way but changing the chain 4 to chain 3 and trebles instead of double trebles. 

Once you have amassed enough flowers for your design give them a block.

This is important to ensure that they lie nice and flat when you're glueing them onto the lampshade. 

Now its time to stick everything down!
I added my rows of Ric Rac first. You could also use decorative ribbon or braid. I simply measure the length I need and glued it down. 
Once that was in place I could work out where my flowers were to go. 
I stuck them down temporarily using some double sided tape until I was happy with the placement then I glued them down. 

You have a funky lampshade to be proud of!

Til next time...I have a new project in the making!

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