2 Aug 2019

Dotti Cushion - FREE Pattern and Tutorial!

Good evening!
Let's make a cushion!!!
Dotti is a cushion made from motif that's a circle within a square. It's all joined together using a join as you go technique. It looks complicated and tricky...but it's not. I've put together some step by step photos for you to follow. There are no complicated stitches used....just basic ones. I think an adventurous beginner could quite easily manage to make Dotti. 
The yarn I've used is Scheepjes Metropolis. It's a fingering weight yarn that comes in a lovely array of colours so you can have fun choosing a colour palette to suit. The yarn is a super snuggly 75% extra fine merino with 25% nylon to give some added strength. It's machine washable at 40°c. On each 50g ball you get 200m of yarny goodness! This yarn is seriously scrumptious!!!! I love that it smells like wool too..... I'm a yarn sniffer! 
Ok let's get on with it!
You will need:
Yarn A Scheepjes Metropolis 078 Lyon x 2 balls
Yarn B Scheepjes Metropolis 069 Miami x 2 balls
Yarn C Scheepjes Metropolis 019 Marseille x 1 ball 
Yarn D Scheepjes Metropolis 076 Sevilla x 1 ball
Yarn E Scheepjes Metropolis 018 Suwon x 1 ball
18" Cushion Pad
3mm Crochet Hook
Needle for weaving in ends
Blocking materials
How to:
The pattern is written in UK English terms.
Using Yarn B chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring
Round 1. Chain 3 (counts as first treble crochet) and then work 11 more treble crochets into the ring. Join with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain. (12 treble crochets)
Round 2. Chain 3 (counts as first treble) and work a treble crochet into the first stitch. Work 2 treble crochets into the next stitch and repeat a further 10 times. Join with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain and fasten off. (24 treble crochets)
Now make a heap of 2 round circles!!!
You will need 162 in total. Don't faint! They're very quick to make and great for doing whilst watching telly 😊
In my version of Dotti I made 134 in Yarn B, 9 in Yarn C, 10 in yarn D and 9 in yarn E.
I added them randomly when joining. If you prefer, you could lay them all out and take a snap to refer back to. 

Join in Yarn A in any stitch of the circle.
Round 3. Chain 1 and work a double crochet into the same stitch. Double crochet in the next stitch. Half treble crochet and treble crochet in the next stitch. Chain 2 (to form the corner) and treble crochet and half treble crochet into the next stitch, double crochet into the next 2 stitches and chain 1. Repeat 3 more times around the circle and join with a slip in the first stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends. 


This is where we will start to join as we go!

With Yarn A join in any stitch and work as before, making a chain and a double crochet in the first stitch. Work a double crochet in the next stitch and then a chain. Work a half treble and a treble into the next stitch then chain 2 to make the corner. Work a treble and a half treble into the next stitch and then a double into the next 2 stitches. Make a chain (this is where we are going to make the first join!) and with the 2 motifs side by side slide your hook under the side chain space of the finished square, wrap the yarn around your hook and pull through both loops on your hook to join the squares. Work 2 doubles in the next 2 stitches then a half treble and a treble in the next one. Chain 1, slip your hook into the corner chains of the finished square and join as before, work another chain. Continue around the square in pattern and join with a slip stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

As you can see from the photo we are leaving the bottom corners free. This is so we can join diagonally to make neat joins where all of the 4 corners meet!

Continue to join all of your squares in the first row as before. You will need to join 9 squares.

When we come to start a new row, we work as before, but now we are going starting making some diagonal joins as the picture shows.
NB Ignore the line at the top....that's there in error as we've already made that join!
Also, I'm left handed. You might be working in a different joining direction!
It's all good 😉
This next step is where you need to start concentrating on your joining points. It's easy to miss one out! You will also see that we are joining where we have previously made a corner join. This time we are joining the corners that aren't already joined. It's made in exactly the same way only this time we sliding our hook under the previous join and catching in the corners we need to join now. It's a bit fiddly to start with but you will soon get the hang of it! 

When all 4 corners are joined you get a nice neat finish!

Continue joining your squares in this manner. Each row has 9 squares and you will need to work 9 rows. 
I really advise weaving in your ends after you've joined each square. It doesn't take a minute and will save you the despair of having a gazillion ends to weave in before you block your pieces!!!

You need to make 2 pieces like this!

Now give them a block. 

NB! This is a superwashed yarn, and as such, it will grow when wet. It actually grows a fair bit! I gave mine a nice soak in some Eucalan, gently squeezed out the excess water and then placed the squares in towels which I rolled up to get rid of as much moisture as possible. I then placed them on my blocking mats and measured 18" square and shaped them to that size. This yarn really changes texture when blocked. It becomes even more soft if that's possible!

To join your squares place the 2 cushion pieces together with wrong sides touching and using Yarn B join together by working a double crochet into each stitch. At the corners I worked 3 double crochets into the corner chain spaces. 

Now I'm a bit of a lazy mare and can't be bothered (most of the time) to add buttons etc to make openings. I just joined 3 sides, popped the cushion pad in and crocheted the final side together! 

It would be very easy to add in a neat opening. Just work the double crochet along one side, not joining, and on the other side join in either yarn A or B and work a few rows of double crochet so you have enough to sew your buttons on... line them up with motif joins to give you ready made button holes!

Ok I hope that was useful for you all 😁
If you get stuck just drop me an email....I try to answer them as quick as I can!

I'll leave you with some more Dotti photos.

I look forward to seeing your Dotti creations!
Til next time x

25 Jul 2019

Introducing Dotti

Sorry for the delay in getting this introduction to you all....life has been a little crazy of late and I've struggled to keep the plates a spinning!
Last time I showed you progress on my latest project.
A cushion made using the gorgeous new yarn by Scheepjes
Metropolis is a fingering weight merino/nylon blend that comes in a mind boggling array of colours. 
A 50g ball has 200m and it is machine washable. 

If you remember back, I chose these colours to make my cushion with. 
I love that they a bit of a retro vibe going on!

I decided to make a cushion as these colours work perfectly with the decor in my living room and knew it would work well on my reading chair!

The pattern is join as you go (jaygo) and is very simple. Perfect for an adventurous beginner and it can easily be adapted to any size cushion. 

And here we have it! The finished cushion!
I've called it Dotti. 

As per usual there will be a free pattern for Dotti 😊

I'm really pleased with how it turned out....and I love the photos I took of it at Hume Castle. 

I shall try and get the pattern published by the end of next week....fingers crossed everything stays calm and quiet!!!!

Til then x
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9 Jun 2019

In progress.....

Ok this progress post is a little later than planned, but late than never eh?
I was finishing up a rather tricky commission that took waaayyyyy longer than anticipated so it kind of threw my schedule off by a couple of weeks. That and a knitting addiction and also work being a bit nuts. However.... I think I'm getting back on track.
If you remember from the last post I had received some delicious new yarn to play with. 

Scheepjes Metropolis is a fairly new release. 75% Extra Fine Merino and 25% Nylon fingering weight. It's available in a mind blowing range of colours! 

When I ordered this yarn I knew I wanted to make a shawl/wrap type of thingy in these retro colours. In my mind I kind of knew how I wanted it to look. 

So I had a little play...and played some more....and some more....
You get the picture!
Try as I might, the geometric design that I had in my head did not want to become a shawl/wrap thingy.
Well who was I to argue with such a demand??!!!
So off I set, making heaps of tiny 2 round circles....
And before I knew it I had joined them up to make half a cushion cover...

I joined the circles with the cream yarn

Random (yes! completely random) pops of colour amongst the charcoal grey

Oh. My. Goodness.
I am in love with this. 
I love the colours playing together and the design and texture. 

Oh and a few words about the yarn. It's a joy! 
It's fairly lightly played which makes it super soft. 
It slips off the hook like butter and has beautiful stitch definition.
But the best thing? Oh without a doubt the best thing is the smell.
It smells of sheep!
Glorious woolly woolly sheep. 
Yes! A yarn from Scheepjes that smells of sheepies!!!!!
Pretty darn perfect if you ask me!

Ok next time we will have a finished object.

Til then x
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6 May 2019

Happiness Is A Newly Released Yarn.... Oh And A New Project In The Offing!

Well hello there! Long time no blog!
I know....it's been a while.
I've not been idle though.... oh no no no! Lots of yarny goodness has flown off my hook/needles so far this year. I'll try and do a bit of a show and tell at some point.
Soooo..... new yarn!
And pretty darn fine yarn at that.
Let me introduce you to Metropolis by Scheepjes.

Described as yarn for the urban crafter.....

And available in a mind blowing range of 80 colours!!!! 
Yup you read that right.... 80!
And boy are those colours delicious....
So trying to choose colours for a new project was tricky...I mean... my (not so) inner yarn addict wanted to order 1 of every colour...just to see!!!
However. I am trying to reduce the amount of yarn scrunched into my teeny spare bedroom/studio....so I decided to be sensible and select a small, but utterly delightful colour palette.

Oh it arrived bundled in this gorgeous organza bag complete with Scheepjes ribbon!
*happy sighs*

I've chosen a palette very different to my usual choices. 
This is going to be a very striking and bold design.
Well in my head it looks good....!!!

This colour combo makes my heart sing 💗

Anyhoos.....a little about this gorgeous yarn. 
It's a 75% Extra Fine Merino, 25% nylon fingering weight yarn. Every 50g gives you 200m of super soft squishy yarn. It's machine washable at 40 degrees so perfect for garments, socks and accessories including shawls and hats. 

Gorgeous isn't it?!
Now I just need to figure out what to make!!!
I have some ideas...

Pop back in a couple of weeks to see the work in progress....

Til next time x
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