Getting older....

Ah yes...age is creeping up on me. I'll be 47 years young this year and all of a sudden things are starting show signs of age! My eyesight is shocking! I can see long distances great but close up stuff is proving to be a real struggle...even with my reading glasses. Time for an appointment at the opticians methinks!

Apart from the eyesight everything else is starting to head south. Gravity is winning this race!!! To be fair I've always had skin akin to old knicker elastic. Once stretched it never springs back into shape. hehe. Anyways, I've noticed over the last 6 months or so that the crinkles on my face have somewhat developed into proper lines. Not good! I've had a rough year or so and my strict skincare regime has slid into something a little more adhoc, when I can be bothered thing. Last year I bought myself a Clarisonic in the hope that it would be the miracle solution I needed. Unfortunately it wasn't. And I really didn't like that you had to keep buying pretty pricey replacement brushes fairly often.
So where's all this going I hear you ask???

3 weeks ago I had an email spotlighting this new and apparently fantastic new gadget to cleanse and care for your skin. The results were amazing the email said!! Yeah yeah right...I've heard all of that before! Well...on account that I'm nosey and had a spare few minutes I did a little online research and read up on this miracle worker. I read blogs, customer reviews and forum posts. All were saying the same thing....it's fantastic! I couldn't resist and ordered it!

Meet the Foreo Luna!

You can read more about this amazing little gadget here!
I have been using it twice daily for two weeks and my skin feels amazing. Not only does it feel good, it looks great! AND...my lines are back to crinkles!!! The first time I tried it out, I have to admit that the sensation was a little strange. But immediately my skin felt like I'd just had a salon facial. Normally I would wait a good month before I expected to see results due to cell renewal blah blah so I was delighted to see such good results so soon. I've now added some Elemis Bliss Capsules into the mix to give my skin a super boost. If I wasn't such a vain so and so...I'd do some before and after close up shots....but I am!!! I shall keep you informed on how it's working out :-)

Anyways onto some crafty stuff! 

Cue spinning disaster!!!! Oh my!!! What a tantrum I had last night! Granted trying out some new spinning techniques following a migraine was probably not the brightest idea I've ever had ;-)
I've been having some trouble drafting and I wanted to try something new. As the picture above shows...it didn't quite work out. When it comes to learning something new I have zero patience. I want to be able to do it perfectly straight away. No learning curve for me thank you very much! Clearly this is not going to happen. Cue MAJOR tantrum with much shouting of VERY EXTREMELY bad words. I did throw a few things and then ripped the whole lot off the bobbin, put the wheel away, poured a glass of wine and did some hooky....ah much much better. Calm restored. 
I will try again at the weekend. Spinning yarn will not beat me! I WILL GET IT RIGHT EVENTUALLY!!!!

Til next time

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  1. Bad words?! You?! No!!
    Ahhhh, the luna.....