26 Jan 2014


With colour change yarn! Not just any colour change yarn, you understand, it has to be a very gradual colour change.... nice and slow.

An idea popped into my head a couple of months ago. If you had a slow colour change yarn, would it be possible to make teeny shapes in different colours to hook together? Thus saving buying lots of different colours....and having lots of wastage!

Cue the gorgeous Invicta Colour yarn by Scheepjeswol! Now aren't those colours delicious???? I admit to swooning a little when I first saw it. That, and rugby tackling my friend to wrench it from her tightly clenched hands.... 
Mine all Mine ;-) Well.... there are some things in life worth fighting for and this yarn is most definitely one of them!

So the details about this gem of a yarn: 100g gives you 420m of yarn....now that'a a lot of yarn! It's 75% Virgin Wool and 25% Polyamide which makes sure it's soft (oh sooooo soft!) but pretty hard wearing. The recommended hook size is 3mm. 

Oh but look at those colours! This range has a stack of different colour ways.... go see!!! 

As I said earlier, I've had this idea mulling around in my brain for a while to make something with teeny shapes hooked together. I was inspired by some crochet designs by Sophie Digard. This one in particular struck a design chord with me...

Circles and squares! 

A scarf made from teeny circles and squares. Ok so maybe not so teeny as the ones in the photo. I know my limits when it comes to patience! Ooooo I love starting a new project...happy times!


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  1. It's beautiful yarn! Have fun with it :)