9 Feb 2014

Enjoying the process...

Ah yes! The Scheepjeswol Softfun has stolen my heart! I am seriously loving working with this yarn. It is a complete delight. No nasty splitting whatsoever.... which is always a bonus in my eyes! And it's soooo so soft!

I debated long and hard about what to make with this yarn. I desperately wanted something to showcase the stunning colours (check out the full range here!) 

I finally settle on a simple Starburst Granny design. Simple but oh so effective!
Being a Virgo I like to hook squares in some sort of order. So I set about making the circles with a 4mm hook....in both colour ways... ah yes! Piles and piles of 3 round circles...

Is it just me who enjoys stacking their WIP and admiring the colour combinations???
Once I've got a nice pile of circles it's time to add the crisp white border...

Ah yes!!! Now doesn't that just make the colour POP!!!

The purple colours look just as good! I'm very happy with how this is progressing

I simply cannot wait to see these squares hooked together

Even the tiresome task of weaving in those pesky ends isn't bothering me so much...
I tend to weave them in as I go which saves hours at the end of a project!

Once the ends are dealt with it's onto the blocking board
Blocking gives finished squares a lovely finish. It might be time consuming but it's a step I would NEVER miss out. But maybe that's the Virgo in me appearing once more :-)

I now have around 100 squares made ,with a queue waiting for the blocking board. Thankfully, I have a whole week off work so I can concentrate on finishing this beauty! On that note... I'm off to hook up some more square whilst watching the Winter Olympics and drinking tea!
Happy days!

Til next time


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty!
    And arranging your pile of work into pretty combos is all part of the process ;)

  2. What is your process of blocking? Do you spray with water or hover with a steam iron, or something else? I've never done it. Thanks

    1. Hi Judith! There are heaps of different blocking methods, but personally I pin out my squares while they are dry and then give them a good drenching with a plant sprayer! Larger items I soak in tepid water, squeeze gently to remove the excess water and then pat with a towel. Then I pin it out! Well worth the effort though! x

  3. Maria, ik vind het er zooooo mooi uit zien, wil hem graag maken in dezelfde kleuren, kan jij mij de nummers doorgeven zodat ik het bij scheepjeswol kan bestellen en waar kan ik het patroon vinden??