13 Apr 2014

Invicta Joy!

Ok before you say anything...I know, I know....long time no blog right?
In my defence, work has been extremely busy (in a good way!) and that takes precedent over anything else. It's not like I haven't been busy on the creative front either. But more about that another day ;-)

I've had some yummy yummy parcels of yarny goodness delivered to me last week.
More gorgeous Scheepjeswol yarn!!! Oooooo......gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!!!! I love their yarns!

Wanna see????

Oh go on then.....

Now doesn't that just make you swoon?

We have Invicta Colour in shades 960 and 968. If you haven't used this yarn before I urge you to give it a try. Each ball is 100g and goes a long long way. There's 420m in each ball! It's 75% super wash wool and 25% polyamide which means it's hardwearing and machine washable at 30* (although I'd pop it on a gentle wool wash as I'm a coward!) The recommended hook size is 3mm although I tend to go up a size being such a tight hooker ;-)

Next we have Invicta Extra in shade 1466. 50g balls with 210m in each ball. Again it's 75% wool and 25% polyamide.

Both the Invicta Colour and Extra come in a stunning array of colours. You really are spoiled for choice!

The Invicta Colour has a lovely gradual colour change so no horrid blotchy colour changes here! And I don't know about you, but I love the gentle colour changes. No squares are quite the same and if you're working in rows you get waves of gorgeous colours!

Now I just need to try and think of something gorgeous to make!!! Am thinking a lovely summer weight blanket. To keep me warm on chilly summer evening sat in the garden. Well it is Northern England!!!

I'll leave you with another pic of all those colours together...

Ah....happy days!
Til next time....I have some new hooks to chat about!