11 May 2014

There are times in life....

When nothing hits the spot like some new yarn to fondle, worship and adore.
This is one of those times.
I know I've been a crappy blogger again. I'm duly chastised. In my defence I've had a jammed packed few weeks. A trip to Holland (more of that delight in another post!), some radical gardening stuff....and the usual chestnut that is work.

So enough of my boring excuses. What about this new yarn????
Ooooooh!!! It's good. Like REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!
And I've managed to get my hands on some....well actually quite a lot ;-)

Soooo without further ado....I give you Stone Washed by Scheepjeswol

It's 78% cotton and 22% acrylic, comes in 50g balls which will give you 130m of deliciously soft stone washed yarn. I don't believe there is anything quite like it on the market today. Rumour has it, this yarn sold out on pre orders before it even reached the warehouse! How cool is that? And quite frankly I'm not surprised!

The colours are just beautiful and I seriously can't stress how soft this yarn is.

I was smitten from my first fondle ;-)

The colour palette has been named after semi precious stones and they accurately reflect the soft gentle colours

I think this yarn will be a winner!

It's so unique. And did I mention how soft it is??? Hehehehe....well I'm not fibbing! 

So what to make with my precious stash of Stone Washed? Well, I've been experimenting and adapting and I think I may have come up with something that will do this gorgeous yarn justice!
But you're just going to have to wait and see :-)

Til next time when I have some Holland holiday pics to share!


  1. I have a funny feeling you are going to make something quite stunning with this yarn!
    As for next time.... You mean you actually have holiday pics?!?!

    1. Erm....I took a couple of pics....and then I have some that were taken by others ;-) x