26 Jul 2015

Summer Crochet Wrap Project!

In my defence, it's not exactly totally my fault for the lack of blog posts recently! 
I have a pretty elderly MacBook that simply just stopped working one day. I think the poor thing was exhausted and completely overloaded with way too many photos!!! (I'm pretty bad at deleting!)
So I decided to upgrade the memory. Well, it was much cheaper than a new MacBook!!!
I even managed to do the upgrade myself.....once I had a teeny tiny cross head screw driver.
I think I'm still in shock that it worked and my beloved lappy is working again :-)))

Anyway! I digress!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen my summer wrap project as it progressed.
It's a join as you go (jaygo) project that it very versatile as it can be used as a summer evening cover up or a lovely soft scarf. 

I wanted to do a complete idiots guide to join as you go. If only there had been a one available for me! Jaygo has been my nemesis!!! 

Ok so first off I chose some yarn. I wanted something that was pretty hardwearing but with a lovely drape. Cue the recently launched Sunkissed cotton yarn from Scheepjeswol.

I just love the gentle colour variations in this yarn. 

As you can see from the label, you can wash this yarn and it'll cope with an iron too!
And the best bit???? NON SPLITTY COTTON YARN!!!!

It comes in a delightful range of colours. Check them out on the Scheepjes website here!

For my project I opted for colours 3, 6 and 7.

You could even make this wrap in Scheepjes Cotton 8 but I challenge you to choose from the staggering amount of stunning colours!!!

Ok so now we've talked yarn choices, next was the task of finding a join as you go pattern that was fairly easy but still effective. I searched Pinterest and came up trumps! I found this simple motif (it's on the third row from the bottom!!!) and once I'd hooked up a sample I was happy :-)

So off I set making up the wrap. 

I was aiming for a random colour placement. It kinda worked!!!!
I shall update on progress next weekend ;-)
Til then x
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