Colour Play - A Knitted Scarf Project!

Evening folks! Hope you're all well :-)
Thought I'd share my recent knitting project with you all today. 
I'm not normally known for my knitting skills..... I used to knit quite a lot when I was much much younger but kind of got into the habit of hooking of late. 
I'm rediscovering my love of knitting! 
Whilst on holiday earlier in the year I happened to amble into a yarn shop....as you do ;-) and there on the counter was the most gorgeous knitted scarf. I was smitten!!!!

So before I knew it, I had abandoned all my hooky WIPs (hehehe), gathered the supplies needed and off I set on a knitted scarf adventure :-)

I decided to use Invicta Colour by Scheepjes.
Now *I think* I used a ball of colour 972 and one of 963
I say think, as I can't find the labels to be totally sure. 
I distinctly remember putting them somewhere safe.....never to be seen again!!!!

The pattern I used an be found HERE. 
The gorgeous ZickZack scarf by Christy Kamm.
And best of all? It's a free pattern :-)))
Even though I used to knit a fair bit years ago, I still consider myself to be a learner/refresher knitter and I found the pattern very easy to master.

So here it is......

I just love the way the colours work together to give a subtle effect. 

I just kept knitting until I had used up both balls of yarn as I like my scarves long!

Now that Autumn is upon us, I can see me getting lots of wear out of this beauty.

It's got such a wide range of gentle colour shifts.

I've already worn it with my trusty old denim jacket and it looked great!
I even got some compliments ;-)

I'm very picky about what yarn I wear next to my skin and this one is just fine!
I gave it a good long soak in Eucalan (lavender is my favourite flavour!) and it's lovely and soft.

Hope you like it as much as I do!
I'm now searching out more knitting patterns to fine tune my skills although I've had to make a pact with myself to finish some of these WIPs before I start something new ;-)

Speaking of something new......join me on Wednesday when I will be announcing a new make along project!

Til then x
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  1. It is really lovely Maria, did you use 3mm needles?