19 Apr 2016

Monsoon Stole Delight!

Hi Folks!
I know!!! Another blog post so soon....the world may end ;-)
Just thought I'd quickly show you one of the things I've making over the last couple of months.
Well the stuff I can share anyways as quite a bit is secret ;-)
A few months back I saw a photo of the most stunning stole. 
It just stole my heart (get it???!!!!!)
Okay aside from the crappy jokes I really adored this stole pattern. It's designed by Alia Bland and the pattern can be bought here. Now I'm not a one for paying for patterns but I gladly parted with my cash for this one!!!
I dug into my rather large stash of Scheepjes Cotton 8 and picked out some colours. 

This was my colour selection :-)

Cotton 8 is my favourite of all the yarns made by Scheepjes. I love it. The colours are fabulous and it's not splitty. The more you work with it and wear it the softer it gets. 
And at £1.99 for a 50g ball it won't break the bank either! 
UK folks can buy it here! Just go look at those gorgeous colours!!!

So off I set to work. I quickly became completely absorbed in this pattern (extremely well written I might add) and really struggled to put it down! 
Don't you just love how these colours meld together to give an autumnally jewel vibe?
I finished this stole in record time as I couldn't put it down!
I've taken some finished item photographs and will share them soon.
Have you made this stole?
I'd love to see yours ;-)
Til next time x
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  1. I noticed, on your finished item, that you doubled a column on the large green section. Would you please explain why you did this? Kindest Regards---Jo