25 Jun 2016

Last Dance on the Beach Crochet Along Week 10

Week 10! Can you believe it?
Are you keeping up?
I'm all caught up with my 2 blankets and have the squares blocked. 
I haven't had time to take photos of this weeks square in my Beach Hut colours but it's on the list for later today so I'll edit this post accordingly.

This weeks square is brought to you by the lovely and very talented Sarah of Crafts from the Cwtch.
We joined forces for the Rock Those Socks MAL. Predominately a knitter, Sarah has been improving her crochet skills (although they were pretty darn fine anyways!) with this Crochet Along.
What better pattern for this weeks square than one that looks like knitting!!! Also this was a stitch that Wink really loved. You can read about the inspiration for this weeks square here!

So for this weeks square I used a 5mm hook with the Scheepjes merino soft. It's a bit of a tricky stitch but fine once you get going. Once you identify the back back loop (bbl or third loop) and front front loop (ffl or third loop) it's much easier. Because I'm left handed it was a little slow going but the finished effect is lovely. 

It really does look like knitted rib when it's turned on its side!

My edges curl even after blocking but it'll be fine once joined in with the other squares!
My edges aren't perfect either but I really don't mind. I'm enjoying this crochet along so much!!!

Til next time x

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16 Jun 2016

Last Dance on the Beach Crochet Along Week 9

Week 9!!!
Oh my! We are approaching the finish line now!
This week is the turn of Dedri from LookAtWhatIMade.
Dedri is the brains behind many a much loved crochet design such as Sophies Universe, Summer in Swanage, Charlotte and Lydia to name but a few!!!
You can read the inspiration behind her square here.
So this square looks complicated! It's not ;-)
It's one of those wonderful patterns that looks a whole lot harder than it is. 

For this square I used a 4mm hook with merino soft. The trick is when you're doing the wrap around stitch don't work tightly. I would suggest doing a practice row to get the feel of the pattern. You easily pull back a row ;-)

My Dance Around the Beach Huts colour for this square is BRIGHT!!! I love it!

I love the overall effect and texture of these squares. They contrast beautiful with the other squares we've made :-)

Til next time x
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13 Jun 2016

Scheepjes Velvet Carnival Cushion Update!

Well this post is long overdue!
I planned on sharing this a couple of weeks ago but as usual life just got in the way.
Better late than never seems to be my motto of the moment ;-)
If you remember (from ages ago!!!) I started to make a cushion with some Scheepjes Velvet yarn.
You can read more about the yarn here.

I chose a colour palette inspired by this hook that I picked up while on holiday earlier in the year. I decided to call it the Carnival Cushion as the colours remind me of a happy carnival :-)

I wanted the back and front to be very different so by simply turning the cushion over you get a completely look. A hooky version of buy one get one free!!!

The photograph above is the back of the cushion. Simple rows of double crochet in a mix of colours. A bit random. Which is tricky for me. I struggle with random. I prefer to control my randomness so it looks better ;-)

For the front of the cushion I really wanted something a little different. Still with the same colours but with some busy and calm elements. 

I decided on a simple mitred square design.

2 colourful squares and 2 plain squares. I love how the plain squares really showcase the effect of this yarn! (You can buy the yarn here. It's not an affiliate link. I just love the service of this store!)

Because of the mitred square pattern these squares needed a little cajoling to block properly! 

However the overall finished and blocked squares look really good together. 
The joining was a bit of a challenge but the finished cushion looks really fabulous and I'm delighted with it!

I'm in the process of writing up a free tutorial for this cushion but will share the finished cushion photographs very soon!

Til next time x

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12 Jun 2016

Last Dance on the Beach Crochet Along Week 8

Well a little later than planned, but welcome to week 8.
Firstly can I say a HUGE thank you for the response to my Heart in the Sand square.
I was truly touched at all the lovely comments and loved seeing all of your squares. I will catch up on comments. Stupidly busy week at work!!!

So this week it's the turn of super talented Jellina to share her square.
You can read all about the inspiration behind her square here
If you have never stumbled across Jellina's blog before I urge you to add it to your favourites. This is one super talented (and very lovely) lady :-)

This waffle stitch is definitely up there as one of my favourites.
Once you have the hang of the pattern you can just relax and enjoy the process. Not so much counting this week ;-) I used a 4.5mm hook with my merino soft yarn.

And here it is in my Beach Huts colour scheme. This square has been blocked! It's pulled in a little on the bottom edge but that's fine. Once all the squares are joined it'll pull into shape. The main goal is to make sure the edges all are the same length. The weight of this yarn will even out any curved edges. 

I'll definitely be using this stitch again. I adore the textural finish and love the squishy feel of the finished squares!

The blanket is really taking shape now with lots of lovely textures. 
Only 4 more square designs to make...
I wonder who will be next!!!! ;-)

Til next time x
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1 Jun 2016

Last Dance on the Beach Crochet Along Week 7

Good morning!

So this week I have the pleasure of sharing my square with you all.

Let me share my inspiration for this square....
I am very lucky to live very close to some beautiful beaches. The coastline in Northumberland is stunning. I've lived next to the coast all of my life and I never take it for granted. 
It's where I head when life gets difficult. I find solace in sitting and watching the sea...the waves crashing on the beach and the ever changing skies. Somehow breathing in that fresh sea air and and hearing the noise of the sea gives me comfort. It was where I headed when I heard the news that Wink had died. As if the sea could make it all better....it didn't. But I still found some comfort in that familiar noise.

Whenever I visit the beach I automatically draw a heart in the sand. I've done it for as long as I can remember. I don't know why. I just do it. 

And it would seem I'm not alone....
I found all of these images online of hearts drawn in the sand!

A heart shape was just the perfect choice for my square. 
My overriding memory of Wink is that she was a lady with a very big and beautiful heart. 
She loved to share her skills and knowledge. 
She was always happy to help. 
She was one of life's givers. 
A rarity. She had a huge following on social media and was extremely talented. 
Most people I know that crochet have made something designed by Wink. 
I look at my "Wink" Mandala and smile :-) 
I still struggle to accept she isn't around.
 It'll take time....

For my square I have used a size 5mm hook with merino soft. Because it is double crochet, it's a much smaller stitch with less stretch. You need to pay extra attention to your gauge for this square! Oh and it'll curl! Even once blocked you may still get a little curling of corners. Once joined to the other squares it'll be fine. Please don't miss out the blocking process. It really will make a difference. 

The chart provided with the pattern tells you where to decrease on those dreaded border stitches ;-)
Take a little time to write it down....it'll save time in the long run. 

You can see my square in my Dancing Around the Beach Huts colour scheme along with the grey merino I'm also making a blanket in. Making both blankets is keeping me very busy!!!

I love the drape on the blocked squares!

I really hope you enjoy making this square and can't wait to see heart squares popping up in my Facebook feed!

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