3 Dec 2017

New Love.....

I've fallen in love......with my new yarn! 😉
Evening folks!
Having been in this hooky/yarny world for a bit, it's not very often that I find a yarn that literally makes me stop dead in my tracks. Well, today I'm sharing with you a yarn that has done just that!
It has, quite simply, stolen my heart! 💗

Secret Garden by Scheepjes isn't a new yarn (it was launched over a year ago) but it's fairly new to me. I was just waiting until I had some free time (a rarity!) before I could dream up a fitting project for such a luxurious yarn.

Let me tell you a little about this special beauty! 

It is available in 10 variegated colours....

.....and 8 solid colours. The solid colours have been carefully chosen to co-ordinate with the variegated palette, meaning you have a perfect contrast and you can mix and match with ease.

The yarn itself is a one of Scheepjes white label yarns. One of their premium lines! It's a silk blend single ply yarn that is available in 50g balls. This gives you 93 metres of heaven in a ball!
Because it's a silk blend, there is no throwing this baby in the washing machine. It needs a careful hand wash to ensure that the 20% silk, 20% cotton and 60% polyester blend remains in tip top condition. 

The variegated colours are a joy to behold! Lots of gentle colour changes and it is sooooo soft to touch!

It also comes with that very handy easy start tab!

So what to make???!!!!
What colours???....ooooooh decisions, decisions!

When I first saw the blues/greens/lilacs in this range, I was instantly reminded of Monet's Water Lilies.

I decided to choose colours based around this....

Three colour ways but within each ball lies lots and lots of different colours.

You can see the colours a bit better in this photo.

The colours are quite difficult to catch in a photo....especially in the bad light of winter!

It's going to be a very luxurious throw for my living room sofa.
A simple pattern to let the yarn do the talking.

I'll keep you updated on progress!
Til next time x

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  1. Love what you have created with this yarn! Do you have the pattern for the 'wheel' like square for sale.....it is beyond gorgeous and I would love to make a blanket from this design. Many thanks , Kathy xx