27 Aug 2018

Dramatic Photos of Neolithic Bronze Age Rock Art Featuring a Blanket

Now how's that for a title?!!!!

Yeah yeah....it's been a while. I know. Sorry. 
I have been busy though. Working on commissions and blog projects behind the scenes. 

Today I wanted to share some photos of a blanket that I made for YARN Issue 5.
I've renamed it Run Free. I don't know why. It just seemed to fit. 
Anyway. As soon as I got the blanket back from magazine photography I just knew I wanted to take my own photos. I'm ever so proud of this blanket. It's double bed sized (HUGE!!!) and it took forever to make. 

Because it's made from Scheepjes River Washed it has a lovely weight and drape to it. The colours are vibrant and intense, lending themselves nicely to being photographed in the wild countryside of Northumberland. 

It's draped artistically over a lovely example of Neolithic Bronze Age rock art which also happens to be at the top of a bloody big mountain hill. It felt like a mountain when I was scrabbling up the side of it, grabbing on to tufts of heather for dear life. Ok, slightly dramatic I know. Thankfully I had a guiding hand who also offered words of encouragement whilst chuckling away to himself. Actually he was taking the piss. There were references to inappropriately dressed townies but I let them pass as I was too frightened of falling down the mountain hillside and my hair was going frizzy in the rain. Did I mention it was raining????

Said hill. Ok it's not a mountain. It just felt like one!

To view from the top was pretty awesome. I live in such a beautiful part of the country. 
Once we located the Rock it was time to start artfully draping the blanket. 

I just knew that the vibrant colours would work well against the landscape.

Achieving the required drape-age was a little tricky in the wind and rain. Did I mention that it was raining? And windy? And my hair was frizzy and now curly????

A waterfall like cascade of blankie!!!!

The rock was really beautiful. Covered in the most stunning lichen.

How amazing are those colours? I think they've inspired another project!

Can you see the swirls on the top of the rock? That's the art. Sadly now eroded by weather and acid rain. Once upon a time it would have been very defined and likely coloured by some kind of pigment or paint. There were two other similar stones on the top of the hill along with the remains of settlements. Northumberland is awash with archaeological treasures like this. 

I shall leave you with a final look at the blankie atop a hill in beautiful Northumberland. 

Getting down was much easier.....and I only slid on my arse once. That's a good result for me. Mountain rescue and hospital avoided!!!!

All in all a fabulous day out!

Til next time.....I have a new project yarn reveal to share! x

You can purchase a copy of YARN magazine from Scheepjes stockists.

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