I, Maria, promise not to neglect this blog like I have others.
I promise to post regularly...and that means not every three months but a little more frequently!
If these promises are not kept, I will willingly by taken to the Kingfisher Blue room (much nicer than red don't you think?), be tied up with chunky acrylic yarn and flogged with a cashmerino aaron weight until I beg for mercy!

Hehehehe...... I think you can tell how this blog will pan out! Innuendo coupled with all things colourful and delicious!

If you, like me, have a fetish for colour, design, texture and all things crafty in general...then welcome to my little corner of blogdom!

I thought I would kick off this first post with a recent ta daaaa!!! share....

My colourful bedroom granny square blanket. Made from a delightful sport weight 100% cotton, it's bright and cheerful and makes me smile every time I look at it!

Newly joined squares awaiting a border! The finished blanket is single bed size.

 And drapes beautifully over the bottom of my bed.

I added a simple scalloped border so it wasn't too fussy. 

So there it is... a simple granny square blanket in zingy colours to liven up my bedroom and complement the bright wallpaper! 

Next time I'll share the ongoing transformation of the room formerly known as the room of doom. It's a work in progress! Providing I can shake off this lurgy that has confined me to barracks today, I shall be slapping some delicious Annie Sloan chalk paint about this weekend!


Until next time x


  1. Hi! I just stumble upon your blog and love the blue bordered granny square blanket. Could you tell me what yarns you used and the shades? I would love to try this for myself. Is there a pattern you could share? Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I'm on holiday at the moment but when I get home I'll post details of the yarns and pattern :-)