25 May 2013

The Room of Doom...Part 1

I have this room. It used to be my workspace in a former life. It was called the craft room.
Then my life changed. I no longer was a full time crafty person. I went back to nursing and shock horror! I no longer had the spare time to potter around creating all manner of gorgeous crafty goodness.

So the craft room stood there neglected. Very sad and unloved. Then I found a use for said room. I know *she clearly said to herself at some point in time* I shall use it to throw all manner of junk into and then I can shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist! Well this junk throwing practice continued for some years...yes...I kid you not...YEARS!!! The poor sad unloved room continued the be filled and filled and filled until one day it was christened THE ROOM OF DOOM!

Well clearly something had to be done about this. It was stifling my creativity and, quite frankly, making me feel very down in the dumps. Dear, dear friends attempted to assist me in the clear out process but you've seen that TV programme Hoarders? Hahaha....Well I got all stressy and quickly realised that this room didn't only contain junk...but also a whole heap of hidden treasures and memories too. I needed to tackle this on my own!

So weeks annual leave was booked and I made a date to start tackling the ROOM OF DOOM!
Scary stuff!!!

Wanna see some photos???
Ah go on then....

The view from the door...

Cover me....I'm going in!

Hmmm.....not as easy to go in as I thought!

Although Mika seemed to manage just fine! I think at this point she's wondering where all this crap came from, as was I!!!!

Arrrgggghhh!!!! Where to start???? I know...I'll make a cup of tea and ponder a little on my plan of attack! Cue a huge amount of chin wobbling and a few tears!!! Come on Maria!!! You can do this!

Slow and steady was the best attack! Along with plenty of tea breaks and some good music to work along to!

I loved seeing the progress and actually (but don't tell anyone) I kind of enjoyed the sorting process. 

So end of day one! Shelves from wall removed, old computer desk dismantled and my big work desk moved to another part of the room!

Well done me!!! I sorted into 4 piles: keep, throw, donate and sell. This made it much easier and I was very surprised at the end of day one to see that my keep pile was teeny! And you know what? I actually felt a little lighter....like a huge weight was being lifted off my shoulders :-)

I'm not saying it was easy. Oh no! I came across so many memories on that first day and many a tear was shed but I had survived!

Maybe day two would be easier....

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  1. You've worked hard and it's looking sooooo much better, and I'm sure Annie Sloan will help you spruce it up more!