The Room of Doom Part 2

So onwards and upwards with the great clearing out operation!
Shelves next.... sort, empty, sort, empty....

Actually this didn't take as long as I thought...

And before long they were clear! Sort, sort and more sorting...

Ah dismantling those shelves really did make me happy!

And....done!!! Mind I do have to confess that carrying those blasted shelves downstairs and into the front garden was a chore in itself!

So all the dismantling, sorting and tidying was done. Next step was to order the skip! I had around 17 bin bags in the back garden awaiting said skip which was delivered and filled in one day....

I couldn't quite believe that all of that junk came from one small room AND there was still a stack of goodies to sell and donate left!

Now onto the fun bit.... I had ordered an Expedit bookcase from good old Ikea to give me some useful storage. Time to start building! Now all over the boxes it said TWO persons to assemble! But me being me decided that I would give it a shot by myself and if I got stuck I could always give my neighbour a shout for a hand.... 

Hmmmm....the side panel was a little tricky...

But not that tricky!!!

Oooh....look what I just made!

Absolutely perfect and bags and bags of storage space!

Ok so in an ideal world it would've been easier with two people...but hey! I managed!!! And I love my new shelves. Next I need to decorate. I have this vision in my head of how this room will look when it's finished. I've opted for Annie Sloan Original chalk paint and I plan to wallpaper one feature wall. 
Oh and make lots of yummy crafty goodies for this newly cleared space.

In fact my head is exploding with ideas! Best go and mull them over with a glass of chilled wine :-)

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  1. It looks 100% better already! Those shelves are delicious!