15 Sep 2013

Water Mill Blanket

On one of my yarn buying visits to Holland I picked up some gorgeous mercerised DK cotton. Well to be honest it wasn't the yarn that sucked me in rather than the colours! Oooh gorgeous gorgeous colours!
To be honest I can't even remember on which trip I acquired the yarn. Last year? This year??? Ah who cares!!!! I planned to make a ripple blanket with it...

But you know? I really wasn't happy with it. I just didn't think it showed the yarn off to it's best. So in true Maria form....I unravelled and started again :-)

I decided on a simple granny wheel with graduating colours.

Much better! Obviously this photo is before blocking ;-)

As this summer has been very kind....I spent some happy hooky time in the garden.

I spent many a happy hour hour making colourful rounds. Being a Virgo I like to do things in order...so rounds of colours before moving on to the dark blue and finishing off with the lime green. 

Before I knew I had used up all of the dark blue and it was time to start the joining. Ziggy clearly approves of the bright and zingy colours!

The finished blanket! A much than usual blanket due to the dark blue being discontinued...grrrr....don't you hate it when they discontinue lovely colours???

It's still a decent size though and is destined to live in the car. My seats in the car are almost exactly the same colour as the dark blue and it looks lovely draped over the back seat :-)

After all these blankets I think some smaller projects are in order now!

Maria x

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