7 Oct 2013

Getting a feel for felting part one!

Arghhh!!!!! Where does the time go? It honestly feels like 4 days since I last posted rather than a couple of weeks. But, to be fair, they've been crazy crazy busy weeks. There was a birthday to celebrate (obviously I'm 21 again!!!), 2 major inspections at work and a guest room to finish (remember the room of doom???). So I'm in catch up mode again. But's getting there. Oh it's all starting to feel calmer. Much calmer!

In the whirlwind of hustle and bustle over the last few weeks I've haven't had much hooky time. Sad times! However I did manage to finish my felted bag. Being a complete and utter Virgo I like things to be perfect. I'm obsessive about neat finishes, so the thought of willingly chucking a finished and very pretty crochet item in the washer when it clearly states on the yarn label HANDWASH ONLY!!!! kind of goes against the grain! However I really wanted to try out this felting malarkey.

So in true Virgo form I did a test felted square. I used Icelandic lace weight wool.

Beautiful colours all neatly caked (guess who treated herself to a yarn winder???) with a dark grey for the edges. I chose the Maybelle flower pattern with this edging technique. Very simple but effective.

I loved how the dark grey just seemed to make the coloured flowers pop! Now yes I wanted a felted finish to this bag but I still wanted to see some stitch definition. So next came some experimental washing of a sample square! I tried a 40 degree quick wash. When I took it out of the machine I thought it needed more felting so back in it went! 

Yup, 2 washes gave just the right look I wanted! Happy with that I went on to hook up enough squares to make a nice sized bag.

I joined them using that gorgeous bright green and a double crochet stitch. At this point I seriously was having second thoughts about flinging it in the washer! I mean doesn't it look lovely? 

Check back tomorrow to see whether or not I was brave enough!!!
Til then...
Maria x

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