8 Oct 2013

That Felty Feeling Part 2

Now...where were we? Ah yes! I was about to throw the bag into the washing machine!!!
Well despite my misgivings I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. So into a laundry bag went the bag, I added a towel to the washing machine to get some agitation going, machine set to 40 degrees medium wash and then the nail biting began!

I swear to god that was the longest wait ever!!! I tried to distract myself by keeping busy but I couldn't resist peeking nervously into the machine a few times! Couldn't see a thing haha!!!

And then the time came......

Ah yes....just the right amount of fuzziness!

Stitch definition still present! Whoop Whoop!!!!
One very happy Maria :-)

Next came the task of choosing a lining for my bag. I opted for for a polka dot pattern in a linen/cotton mix. A perfect weight for a bag lining. Now I'm not a great sewer so the next bit was pretty scary stuff! I placed the bag on top of the lining and cut around it leaving a 1 inch seam allowance. I decided to double line the bag (won't do that again!!!). So basically I made a lining that looked the same on both sides. Miraculously it actually fitted snuggly inside the bag. I attached the lining by hand sewing. Having come this far, I really didn't trust my machine sewing skills! 

I even stitched in my very own label!

So this is the finished bag. I'm very pleased with it! I added some handles that are just the right length so the bag snuggles very comfortably under my arm.

A little peek of the lining. Oh I do love polka dots!!!!!

So now I'm no longer a felting virgin, I plan to do another felty project. Next time real fuzzy felt! Not a sign of a crochet stitch in sight. Ah I'm itching to get started already!

Before I go, can I suggest you pop over to my good friend Anita's blog. Yours truly is a guest blogger over there today :-)

Til next time!
Maria x

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  1. Maria it's beautiful!! In Holland we would say: prachtig♡♡