13 Jul 2014

Feeling a little meh....

Maybes it's because I'm suffering from the effects of a late night out (but it was fun!!!) or maybe it's because I'm ready for a holiday. Whatever is causing it...it's been a quiet, me-time kind of day.
I've pottered. I've done some housework. I've snoozed. I've watched and little TV......oh and I've worked on my quilt inspired blanket!

It's coming along nicely! Actually it's almost finished!!! How speedy is that? It's got to be the quickest blanket ever!

If you remember, I'm using Cotton 8 from Scheepjeswol and a size 3.5mm hook.

I made a simple closed granny square. I love the rhythm of trebles. It's so so soothing!

Before I knew it, the last squares were blocking in the beautiful sunshine we had yesterday!

Because the pattern was predefined, I decided to join as soon as I had a row finished. 

The very last row waiting to be joined! 

And now onto the border. I'm trying to replicate the striped black and border. I've had to learn a new technique to do this but it's been fun if not a little fiddly!

I'm really pleased with how the blanket is turning out. I guess when you work from a photograph as inspiration there's a certain amount of winging it goes on. So far so good!!!

Til next time

7 Jul 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

I'm so excited to have been invited to take part in this Creative Blog Hop by the lovely Heike from Made with Loops! I do urge to go take a peek at her wonderful blog. Actually...go make a cuppa and settle down for a while as I'm sure once you visit her blog you'll have to tear yourself away!!!

So part of this Blog Hop is to answer 4 questions...I shall do my best!!!

1. What am I working on at the moment?

Eeeeks!!!! Is this the part where I have to confess to a zillion WIPs??? Anyone who knows me can confirm that I start way more projects than I finish! One of my new year goals was to make a dent in the WIP list ;-)
And actually I'm not doing too bad on that score. This year has been a particularly creative one.

My current WIP is a blanket inspired by this photo I saw on pinterest...

Someone had written underneath that it would make a great crochet project and I just had to agree!

It's a very quick project! I started it on Friday and I'm over halfway through already! I find the rhythm of treble crochet stitches extremely soothing. Plus I can watch TV at the same time....win, win!!!

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hmmmm.....that's a tricky one! To be honest I'm not entirely sure! Although I think it's fair to say that most of my projects are bright and cheerful. I just adore colour and love experimenting with different colour combinations.

As you can see...lots of bold and bright colours!

3. Why do I create what I do?

Simple answer.....why not???!!! As long as I can remember I have been creative in one form or another. Papercrafts, painting, drawing....you name it, I've tried it :-)

I was very lucky as a child in that my Mam (real Geordie name for a mother!) used to always foster and develop my creative side. I remember getting all manner of craft kits at Christmas time and spending many a happy hour making stuff.

I guess crochet is an just an extension of that. 

4. How does my creative process work?

Truthfully, usually in a totally disorganised way! I find inspiration from absolutely everything. My phone is filled with pics of completely random things that have inspired me in some shape or form. Nature, industry, texture...it all feeds my creative brain.

It usually starts with an idea. You can practically see the light bulb ping in my brain and then smell the burning of the brain cells whirring into action! I make notes, I sketch...then I try it out. For everything successful idea there are usually five aborted trials. Sometimes I just let things evolve along the way, although this doesn't come naturally. My Virgo brain strives for order all the time!

So that's a little about me!
Hope you enjoyed the little insight into my creativeness.

So in true Blog Hop fashion I now hand the baton over to.....

The very talented Shelley at Spincushions
The truly inspirational Anita at A Creative Dimension

Til next time!

6 Jul 2014

Without Further Ado.....

I give you....


As you can see by the number of TA DAH!!!! pics, I am truly smitten with the finished blanket!
It's been a long time in the making but worth every minute (I hope you agree!)

Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for me to drive to my local beach and harbour, mind you, I was down there at silly o'clock this morning haha! I had quite a few puzzled looks as I was heading down the slipway with blanket and camera... I was surprised at just how many folks are around so early in the morning!

Details, Details!!!

Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour - 968 (300g used)
Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour - 960 (300g used)
Scheepjeswol Invicta Extra - 1466 (375g used)
Hook - 4mm
Square Pattern - Shell Collection by Shelley Husband (Spincushions on Instagram and Ravelry)
Border Pattern - Adapted by myself (details to follow)
I made 88 squares in total and joined them 8x11. The finished blanket size is 127cm wide and 178cm long.
I started it on 13th April and it was finally finished 4th July!

I was going to write a tutorial for the squares but Shelley's instructions are very very clear! Instead I'll share my border instructions/pattern with you all very soon!

Join me tomorrow when I shall be taking part in a blog hop and there might be a sneaky peek of the latest WIP!

Til then

5 Jul 2014

Another day.....

Another project to start!

Ah the joys of crochet. I always feel strangely bereft when a project finishes. So what's better than to welcome into the house some new yarn and therefore a new project?!

As the last blanket seemed to take forever to finish, I decided I needed a nice, simple and quick project to work on.

Something bright and cheerful! Well what can I say????....

Let me introduce you to Cotton 8 by Scheepjeswol!
Now don't those colours just make you smile?

Now I've been lucky enough to use this yarn before and it's by far my favourite cotton. 
Because of the high twist you don't get the usual and very annoying splitting! Oh and there's 48 colours to chose from!

I would describe it as sport weight.

The recommended hook size is 3mm (I tend to use 3.5mm with this yarn), 50g gives 170m of delicious 100% cotton yarn.

I've chosen the following colours for my next project:

Black - 515 (not pictured)
White - 502
Purple - 661
Blue - 563
Light Blue - 622
Bright Green - 517
Light Green - 642
Yellow - 714
Orange - 716
Burnt Orange - 671
Red - 510

For all of the readers outside Holland, Cotton 8 is now stocked by Deramores :-)

Sooooo..... what to make?????

I saw this photograph of a quilt on Pinterest. Someone had pinned it and written that it would make a cool crochet project...and you know what? I thought so too!!! 

The plan is to make simple closed granny squares and replicate the colours in the photo.
I've made a start and so far so good!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share some reveal photos of the completed Invicta Blanket (weather permitting!!!)

Til then