13 Jul 2014

Feeling a little meh....

Maybes it's because I'm suffering from the effects of a late night out (but it was fun!!!) or maybe it's because I'm ready for a holiday. Whatever is causing it...it's been a quiet, me-time kind of day.
I've pottered. I've done some housework. I've snoozed. I've watched and little TV......oh and I've worked on my quilt inspired blanket!

It's coming along nicely! Actually it's almost finished!!! How speedy is that? It's got to be the quickest blanket ever!

If you remember, I'm using Cotton 8 from Scheepjeswol and a size 3.5mm hook.

I made a simple closed granny square. I love the rhythm of trebles. It's so so soothing!

Before I knew it, the last squares were blocking in the beautiful sunshine we had yesterday!

Because the pattern was predefined, I decided to join as soon as I had a row finished. 

The very last row waiting to be joined! 

And now onto the border. I'm trying to replicate the striped black and border. I've had to learn a new technique to do this but it's been fun if not a little fiddly!

I'm really pleased with how the blanket is turning out. I guess when you work from a photograph as inspiration there's a certain amount of winging it goes on. So far so good!!!

Til next time


  1. I'm really liking this blanket and I might even pin the quilt you used as inspiration, I have been pinning a ton of quilts just lately for great inspiration!!

  2. I have been watching the progress on IG and loving it...can't wait to see the finished blanket xx