I'm back!!!!

Yes....it's been a while. SORRY!!! Unfortunately life just got a little crazy and blogging had to take a back seat for a while. I seriously don't know where the last six or seven weeks have gone. You know that saying...time flies when you're having fun? Well I'm not sure about the fun bit but time certainly has flown by. To be fair, there has been a bit of fun stuff thrown in there along with lots of work and picking up a nasty virus that actually caused me to leave work early on 2 days (shock horror!!!) and head straight to bed. Anyone who knows me well is aware that I rarely take time off work. I have this crazy crazy job that I love dearly but is pretty full on.... ALL. OF. THE. TIME. 
Anyways...I'm back :-)
Do you like my new look blog??? I just love, love, LOVE it!!!
I decided a little while ago that I needed a new look. Something fresh but clean and simple. Cue the search for someone to create a new blog design. Now, this wasn't as simple and straightforward as I thought it would be. I found a designer, commissioned and paid for the work...but unfortunately I didn't get so much as a preview of a design. Yikes! It all got pretty unpleasant and stressy and I eventually had to file claims and complaints etc. Not good :-( *Note to self - read the reviews girl!*
I'm a great believer in fate and not to be put off by one bad experience, I went in search of another designer. Enter the lovely Vaida from Don't Tell Anyone Designs. Wow!!! What a completely different service. From the start her communication was amazing and she worked with me to create a design that I truly love. This lady seriously has the patience of a saint! I'm not the easiest customer as I'm very precise in what I like and don't like!!! Requests like "can you just tone down the green a little" and "can you just move that tag line a little more to the left" were dealt with in a very friendly and prompt manner. 
The whole blog design process was very quick and efficient. I seriously could not recommend her enough! So, if you're on the look out for a new look blog, go check out her Etsy shop here!
So apart from the blog makeover, what else has been happening? 
Well my crochet hook has had sparks flying off it! I've been VERY busy on the hooky front. I've finished 3 projects and have another 4 on the go! I have some ta-dah! posts and tutorials almost ready to go so keep watching for those ;-)
My garden has received a very long awaited makeover. It's not completely finished yet, but I'm really pleased with the results so far. 

As you can see, the before pic was pretty dire! Everything was so overgrown and neglected. The shed was about to collapse and yes! that is a Christmas tree in the foreground. Oh the shame!!!

So, I found some garden tidy guys and set them to work. I think it's fair to say that the finished results were a little shocking! When I said a good prune they took me literally and hacked back almost to the ground!

However, thankfully plants grow again so everything has recovered now.

Next it was time to replace the old shed. I seriously had my doubts that it would survive another winter! It must have been about 20 years old and was totally rotting away. 

Bye bye old shed! 

Hello nice new shed! Very orange huh? Have no fear....a coat or two of paint soon sorted the orange out ;-) (more about painting garden stuff in another post)

And then the lights were sorted and working again! 

This year I'm sorting out the big things like shed, furniture, lighting etc. Next year I'll concentrate on the planting. Well that's the pan!

Considering how crappy the garden looked in April I'm pretty pleased so far! Now I just need a nice sunny day to finish painting the furniture and add some pretties to the shed. 

So that's one update done! I think a ta-dah post should be next on the posting list ;-)
Til next time...
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  1. I love your little garden oasis! BEAUTIFUL!