1 Sept 2014

Quilt Inspired Blanket Ta-Dah!!!!

Ah remember way back when I posted a photo of a quilt I found on Pinterest? I wanted to see how a quilt design could translate into a crocheted blanket.

I decided to use one of my favourite yarns to make it with. The beautiful Cotton 8 from Scheepjeswol

Available in the most delicious array of colours it's also available to buy online from Deramores.

It's a sport weight pure cotton yarn that doesn't split. A rare find! 170m per 50g so it goes a long way. Recommended hook size is 3mm but I used a 3.5mm hook as I found it gave me a good tension.

I chose the following colours for my blanket:

Red - 510 (50g)
Burnt Orange - 671 (50g)
Orange - 716 (50g)
Yellow - 714 (50g)
Light Green - 642 (50g)
Bright Green - 517 (50g)
Light Blue - 622 (50g)
Dark Blue - 563 (50g)
Purple - 661 (50g)
White - 502 (450g)
Black - 515 (100g)

I had plenty of yarn left over. Enough to make a co-ordinating cushion cover!

A closed granny square gave me the solid block to replicate the quilt design (a tutorial will follow!) and it was a very quick and easy project to make. 

Before I knew it I had made all the blocks and it was time to start joining it all together!

After blocking of course ;-)

Looking good!

Next the border! For this I used a new technique for me (again more about that in the tutorial)
And finally it was finished!

Ah...the finished blanket blowing in the breeze!

I'm really pleased and delighted at just how effective the quilt design translated into a crochet project. I foresee more quilt designs in the future!

It's a lovely weight and, because it's cotton, easy to wash too!

Stupidly, I forgot to measure and weigh the finished blanket :-/
Sorry guys! I've left the blanket in Holland for an Open Day display. Once I have it home again I shall get the details for you all.

I have the tutorial almost completed. Just a few photos to add. As usual it will be completely free :-)
AND....I may just have a little not so little Cotton 8 kit to give away to one lucky reader!!!
Stay tuned...... ;-)

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  1. you really did a great job!
    Love the rainbow and white.
    Very nice into crochet translatede 'quilt'

  2. What what a beautiful pattern!

  3. That's next on my to do list, love it :)

  4. Very colourful blanket, I must learn how to crochet because I want to make one of those :)


  5. Wow, dit wordt mijn winterproject. Gevonden via het blog van Blij dat ik brei!

  6. Nice post..........Mind blowing amazing blankets.Different patterns with designs are very initiative.I would like to follow this process from now.photo blanket

  7. Great blog.........Thank u for sharing this blog.Looking awesome with different colours having amazing designs by unique patterns.photo blankets

  8. My daughter loves to knit. I'm going to share this idea with her - I think she would love to try this.