19 Jan 2015


Ok I'm really bad at this regular blogging thing! It's really not intentional. Life just kind of races by at a stupid speed and I end up playing catch up.... ALL OF THE TIME!!!!
I hurt my back way back in October. It was my own fault. I lifted something really badly. I have got years and years of moving and handling training behind me and I still lifted something at home in the most stupid way I could!! Ouch! It's taken til now to get back on track because when I hurt myself I like to do it properly ;-)
Anyways....enough of that! Let's talk yarn and new projects! I've not been sat idle...oh no! I've been hooking and knitting (!!!!). So lots to share over the next few posts.
Let me start with the Scheepjeswol Kika Yarn Kit :-)

15 gorgeous colour combinations to choose from. Talk about spoiled for choice! And best of all? Every kit sold has a donation to a children's cancer charity :-) So actually, by buying a kit you're donating to charity! Win win if you ask me! You can buy the yarn kit from Deramores!

I opted for Deep Ocean as I'm addicted to green!

So what's in the kit?

You get 2 balls of Invicta Colour and 3 balls of Invicta Extra in your chosen colours. You also get a pattern with the option to either knit or crochet, a giant pom pom template and a Sheepjeswol label.

These are the 2 stunning shawl designs you get the pattern for :-) Or alternatively you could just ahead and do your own thing!

I decided to crochet mine....because, whilst I can knit, I'm pretty slow at it. Plus I really wanted to conquer the join as you go thing! Ok this isn't for the faint hearted. There are 238 flower/star motifs to make! 2 rounds in the Invicta Extra then a round in the Invicta Colour. That's 952 ends to deal with!!!! if you say it really quickly it doesn't sound that bad ;-)

I decided from the start to weave in ends as I progressed. Much much easier!

And so it starts.....
The pattern is in both Dutch and English and there's also a chart

I'm really enjoying making this. I make the centres and then when I have a pile of them I join them to the shawl.

Oh just look at those pesky ends!!!!

I love the colour changes!

And this is where I'm at now! Obviously it hasn't been blocked. That will make a huge difference. I know it's wonky in the photo. It was the only photo I had without a cat in it!!!
I've mastered the join as you go thing. I can see lots more projects with this technique in the future :-)
I'm hoping to have this finished by the weekend. Optimistic I know!!!! I think I've only got 57 flowers left to go.....doesn't sound too bad if you say it quickly ;-)

Til next time!
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  1. Wonderful to see you back in blog land...also wonderful to see your progress with this...hope you are all better and just thinking...I will meet you later this year!!! Fingers crossed!
    Looking forward to the finished project, H xx