Shawl Tadah!!!!

Well as per usual my blogging habits are shocking! But let's not dwell on that ;-)
I've been pretty busy with yarn projects. Lots of new things and finishing up the "almost finished" stuff! Well trying to!!! I've still got 2 blankets at that stage. I'll get there....eventually!
So today I thought I'd share my finished Scheepjes Kika Yarn Kit.
I do believe you can still buy a kit from Deramores!
So without further ado..... 

One finished shawl!
At this point I need to tell that photographing the finished article was a complete nightmare!
I was either windy and rainy, windy or just plain rainy.
You gotta love the North East weather!
I managed to grab a very dull but wind and free day and did my best.
Some of the photos aren't as crisp as I'd like (ummm....maybe a little blurry might describe them better!) but you get the general idea.
Oh I love this finished shawl. I've completely forgotten the pain of all those teeny 3 million ends that I wove in.

I love how it drapes.

I'm still not convinced about the pom pom though!

But those little star motifs all joined together make my heart sing :-)

So there you have it! One finished shawl.
Invicta Extra and Invicta Colour remain my high up there in my favourite yarns :-)
The good news is that you can now buy both of these yarns from Deramores here and here.
Next time (hopefully a bit sooner than this post!) I've got some brand new yarn to share with you!
Til then!
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  1. Prachtig !!! Mooie kleuren, schitterende wol.

    Groetjes, Tinne

  2. Oh, this is gorgeous, beautiful colours too ! (I am still working on mine :) )