30 Mar 2015


Ah I do love starting a new project! Especially when you have gorgeous yarn to play with....that really does help ;-)

Ah the delicious Soft Fun Denim from Scheepjeswol! I'm now addicted!!! 
You can get your supplies from Deramores! (I may have to buy lots more!)
So, I decided to make a cushion for the bedroom. You know the ones......look ever so pretty on the bed and then just get chucked on the floor when it's time to climb into the said bed!!!!

I decided on the Rosie Posie Grannie that Sandra from Cherry Heart designed. Not too tricky but extremely effective. 

Colourful centres edged with white to really make the colours sing!
By the way, I'm using the recommended hook size of 4mm.
Ah I just love those subtle colour changes. Gives it a real hand dyed look!

And of course once you've got a few squares who can resist a little arranging ;-)

And stacking.....
Note to self.....weave in ends as you go!!!

And before you know it.....you have a cushion front!
Next time I shall have a finished cushion to share.
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25 Mar 2015

Introducing Soft Fun Denim!

Oooh I do love a new yarn!
Especially when it's as gorgeous as this :-)
I've been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the brand new Soft Fun Denim by Scheepjeswol.
Oh these people really do know how to produce a fabulous yarn!
It has the same properties as regular Soft Fun, but in eleven gorgeous new shades that are ever so slightly variegated giving a lovely hand dyed effect.
It's a 60% cotton 40% acrylic mix. 50g gives you 140m of delicious yarn and the recommended hook size is 3.5 - 4mm. It is SO SOFT!!!!!

I'm completely smitten and in love with this yarn. I chose 4 bright and cheerful colours for my project  (left to right - 500, 506, 505 and 503) and also added in some plain white (2412) .

Oh, and I should mention that the yarn band has changed too. No big deal I hear you say! Well it is for me! Previously, Soft Fun was packaged in doughnut shaped balls, and the yarn label went right through the centre. Well try as I might, I just couldn't get the dratted label off without ripping it. Now that's no longer a problem :-)

So what to make? A little project....something quick but bright and cheerful!
Check back again for a progress update.
Til then!
PS I forgot to mention that Deramores is stocking this yarn here!
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22 Mar 2015

Shawl Tadah!!!!

Well as per usual my blogging habits are shocking! But let's not dwell on that ;-)
I've been pretty busy with yarn projects. Lots of new things and finishing up the "almost finished" stuff! Well trying to!!! I've still got 2 blankets at that stage. I'll get there....eventually!
So today I thought I'd share my finished Scheepjes Kika Yarn Kit.
I do believe you can still buy a kit from Deramores!
So without further ado..... 

One finished shawl!
At this point I need to tell that photographing the finished article was a complete nightmare!
I was either windy and rainy, windy or just plain rainy.
You gotta love the North East weather!
I managed to grab a very dull but wind and free day and did my best.
Some of the photos aren't as crisp as I'd like (ummm....maybe a little blurry might describe them better!) but you get the general idea.
Oh I love this finished shawl. I've completely forgotten the pain of all those teeny 3 million ends that I wove in.

I love how it drapes.

I'm still not convinced about the pom pom though!

But those little star motifs all joined together make my heart sing :-)

So there you have it! One finished shawl.
Invicta Extra and Invicta Colour remain my high up there in my favourite yarns :-)
The good news is that you can now buy both of these yarns from Deramores here and here.
Next time (hopefully a bit sooner than this post!) I've got some brand new yarn to share with you!
Til then!
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