3 Jun 2015

Spring Cushion Tutorial

Ok.... *embarrassed coughs*.....so let's just call this a Spring/Summer Cushion tutorial ;-)
Oh dear...I'm really not good at this keeping my blog updated malarkey am I???
So let's just pretend almost 2 months haven't elapsed since my last post!

Let's make a cushion!!!!!

You will need:

Yarn (obviously!) I've used Scheepjeswol Soft Fun Denim and Regular Soft Fun

Soft Fun Denim Colour 500 x1 50g ball
Soft Fun Denim Colour 503 x1 50g ball
Soft Fun Denim Colour 505 x1 50g ball
Soft Fun Denim Colour 506 x1 50g ball
Soft Fun Colour 2412 x4 50g balls (I used about 3 and a half balls)
I've used the recommended 4mm crochet hook
Scissors and a darning needle (to weave in the ends)
Cushion Pad
Lot's of patience for the pom pom edging!!! (I find a gin and tonic really helps with this although not so much that you can't see.....because that's not good!!!)
Let us begin!
For my tutorial I've used a different colour palette as I ran out of yarn!
The pattern I've used for the squares is the Rosie Posie pattern by Cherry Heart.
I'm not going to go through this step by step as there is a lovely tutorial that can be found on Sandra's blog here.....and why reinvent the wheel??!!!!
I used 4 different colour combinations for my squares. The first 2 rounds I worked in one colour, round 3 in another colour, round 4 in another colour and the final round in the main colour. 
For the reverse of the cushion I made 4 coloured squares (one of each) and 12 squares in purely the main colour. That's 32 squares in total.
So after the first 2 rounds you will have something resembling this....

Then the next round...

And another!

Then finally adding the corners and making a square.

At this point I like to block my squares.

So let's start and join them together...

To join, place your squares wrong sides together and double crochet into each stitch. When joining corner together double crochet into the corner space, chain 1 and double crochet into the next space.
Repeat until all your squares are joined. Now weave in the ends. 
So to summarise....you are going to have 4 rows of 4 squares for both the front and the back. The front will consist of 16 multi coloured squares and the back will have 4 multi coloured squares in the centre and they will have 12 main colour squares around them

Something like this!

To make a border for both cushion sides work a row of double crochet in the same colour as you joined your squares. Work a double crochet into the corner spaces down the sides then a chain as you did when you joined the squares. For the corners work 1 double crochet, 1 chain, 1 double crochet. Fasten off yarn.

Change colour. Next row work in treble crochet all the way round. Treble crochet into the chain spaces on the sides and into the corner chain work 1 treble, 1 chain, 1 treble. Fasten off.
Change colour. Work another row of trebles. For the corner work 2 trebles, 1 chain, 2 trebles into the chain space. 
Repeat this process for both the front and back.

Next you are going to join your cushion front and back together. Using the same colour that you are going to use for your pom pom edging and with wrong sides together join using a double crochet. This is where I confess that I was a complete lazy so and so and rather than making a nice opening for my cushion with buttons, I just joined 3 sides, shoved the cushion pad in and joined the final side!!!!
But if you're not lazy, like me, and want to do it properly....join 3 sides, work a row of double crochet along the back side and then the front. This will take you to the point where you are ready to make the pom pom edging. Ok...deep breath....glug of gin....you can do it!!!!

The pom pom edging I modified from this lovely blog. There is a wonderful step by step tutorial!
I wanted my pom poms to sit snuggly around the cushion edge, so instead of working 6 chains I worked 3 chains So start with a double crochet, chain 3 and work the pom pom into the double crochet. In between each pom pom I worked 3 chains, skipped 3 stitches and worked the pom pom into the next double crochet. Before you start I need to point out that the pom pom has a back and a front!

This is the front view...

And this is the back!

And just to complicate matters....I'm left handed! So I work patterns in the opposite way to right handed hookers. So just check that you're pom poms are facing the right way!!! And that is something I never thought I'd find myself saying!!!

Carry on around the cushion making pom poms. I had to slightly adjust the spacing to make sure I had a pom pom at each corner point :-)
For those of you not lazy hookers you can now insert your cushion pad and secure with buttons. The spaces in-between trebles make great button holes!
And there you have one Spring/Summer cushion!
For those hookers outside of Holland....Scheepjeswol Soft Fun can be purchased from Deramores.
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  2. Gorgeous cushion. I love the colors and the pom pom edge. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  3. so pretty!