21 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along Part 2

Hi Everyone!

I am really enjoying seeing all your sock in progress photos! Keep them coming :-)
A couple of readers had commented that the text on my blog is difficult to read. Thanks for your feedback! I've gone back to my blog designer and she has darkened it down so hopefully it's easier to read now :-)

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Ok today we are making a heel for our socks.
It's a little fiddly but really not that difficult.
I shall try my best to explain it to you in a nice and easy way.
Sarah, from Crafts from the Cwtch is talking heels for knitted socks today (she's doing an afterthought heel....oo-er....!!!!) 
Pop over to her blog for an update HERE!

As usual you can either post your WIP pics via social media #rockthosesocksmal or pop over to Sarah's Ravelry group HERE! I'm popping into the group regularly and am happy to answer any questions if needed :-)

Right, let's get going...
A couple of things to remember....
My pattern is based on socks made from Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn.
If you have made your socks from thinner or thicker yarn you may have to fiddle about with the stitch numbers and rows.
Once you understand the principles of making a turned heel it's not too tricky to adjust them accordingly. 
I would advise jotting down the stitch numbers you need for each row before you start.
Hopefully that will make sense as we go on ;-)


Edc the first 15 stitches (or first half of your sock), ch 1 then turn the work

Row 1. Dc 15, chain 1, turn 

Row 2. Dc 14, chain 1, turn 

As you can see, you're making what look like a series of steps!

Row 3. Dc 13, chain 1, turn 

Row 4. Dc 12, chain 1, turn 

Row 5. Dc 11, chain 1, turn 

Row 6. Dc 10, chain 1, turn

Row 7. Dc 9, chain 1, turn

Row 8. Dc 8, chain 1, turn

Row 9. Dc 7, chain 1, turn

Ok, now you should have a series of "steps" which will form the base of the heel. Now we will start to join it all and shape the heel!

Row 10. Dc 7. Next, work a dc in the side of the step and another in the unworked stitch of the row. Slip stitch into the next stitch and turn, do not chain before turning! 

The photo above shows a dc worked in both the side of the step and the unworked stitch.

This photo shows where the slip stitch is worked.

When you turn your work it should look something like this!

Row 11. Do not work the slip stitch! Dc 9, then dc in side and dc in unworked stitch, slip stitch in side of step, turn without working a chain. 

 You can see the curve of the heel starting to appear!

Row 12. Skip the slip stitch and dc 11. The next bit is slightly different to the previous rows! In the side of the step and unworked stitch you are going to dc 2 together. Slip stitch in the side of the step and turn without working a chain. 

Row 13. Skip the slip stitch and dc 12. dc 2 tog in side and unworked stitch. Slip stitch in the side of the step and turn without working a chain.

This is forming our heel. We are going to continue working rows until there are no steps left!

Row 14. Skip sl st, dc 13. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Your heel is taking shape!

Row 15. Skip sl st, dc 14. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Row 16. Skip sl st, dc 15. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Row 17. Skip sl st, dc 16. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

After this row I had no steps left to work!

One heel made!

At this point you are ready to start working in edc again. Make sure you have the right side of your work facing you and complete 2 round in edc as we did when making the foot. 

If you have a little gap between the heel and the stitch marker do not panic!
Simply work a stitch in the gap!

I ended up with a total of 34 stitches. We are going to decrease while working the leg so this isn't a problem ;-)

Your sock should look something like this so far!

This is the side where the join is. As you can see the heel is made up of a series of joins that form right angles :-)

And this the sock so far modelled by my not so glamorous ankle and foot!!!
I even shaved my legs for this shot ;-)

Ok I think that's enough sock work for now!
I have made a lacy version. I'll post the instructions for that in the next couple of days. 
Quite frankly, after this heel marathon I'm worn out!!!!

I really do hope you understand my instructions. 
Til next time x

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  1. Thank you for making the text darker. It's much easier on my middle-aged eyes :)

  2. OMG! It's a sock! I have yet to start this (darn dayjob), but I'm loving the tuorial :-)

  3. I've done it. This is my first crochet sock.

  4. What is EDC? I am American so are these all UK crochet terms? I have never seen Edc....
    Where is the print button? It would be very helpful.
    Thank you for this tutorial!!!!!