30 May 2016

Last Dance on the Beach Crochet Along Week 6

Hi Folks!
Eeeks! I'm really late with this post....sorry! 
Big inspection at work last week (how inconvenient!) and kitchen makeover has just sucked away any spare time I have had. 
My cushion update will just have to wait a little longer. 

So this week has been brought to you by the gorgeous Carmen from Crafty Queens.
You can read her blog post about making her square here.

Now before this CAL I had never tried c2c. I'm hooked! What a lovely relaxing to make :-)
No frantic counting and checking stitches....just a lovely rhythmic square. Perfect for watching TV and letting your mind go off on a tangent!

I love the subtle texture of this pattern.

My squares are starting to look fabulous when placed together....I must find time to take a photo of them all together. The subtle sheen of the Merino Soft really makes the texture sing.

I'm all caught up on my Dance Around the Beach Huts squares. Well they are made but only half have been blocked! I think I need to find the time to squeeze in a photo taking session pretty darn quickly!

Other stuff......

Today in the UK it is a Bank Holiday so no work for me! However I will be spending my time decorating the kitchen.....
It hasn't been decorated for 12 years (oh the shame....) and it's desperate! I have spent every spare minute over the last 2 weeks doing the dreaded prep and cleaning and today is painting day!
I'm a little nervous as I've chosen a fairly dark colour for a north facing kitchen!

It's a Fired Earth paint called Blue Grass.

I painted the hallway with it and fell in love! It's very warm in real life.
And while I was doing some online browsing for a new kitchen bin....

This just accidentally fell into my basket!!!!

Til next time x
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  1. Beautiful squares as always Maria! Have fun painting today, Blue Grass looks like a stunning colour for your kitchen! xo Carmen