20 Nov 2016

Carnival Cushion Reveal!

Hi folks! As promised, this time I'm sharing the finally finished Carnival Cushion made with Scheepjes Velvet yarn.
This yarn is from the Colour Crafter family and gives the effect of worn velvet....truly delicious!
You can buy it from Wool Warehouse 😊

If you can cast your mind back to June and THIS post, I updated you on the progress of the cushion. It was inspired by the colours in a lovely hook that I picked up on holiday earlier in the year....

I just loved how those colours worked together!
I decided on a mitred square design using random colour stripes...

Contrasting with a plain square.

And then a simple stripe design for the back.

So! You wanna see the finished cushion???
Oh go on then.....

I just 💖 the finished cushion.

A close up of the cushion front....check out that pompom edging!

And the back....a simple 3 button closure is all this cushion needed.

Ziggy couldn't resist getting in on the photo shoot which is typical because as I go near him with a camera he does a disappearing act!!!

I have written a free pattern to share with you all which will be posted very soon...
But next time I want to share something new! A blanket....or the new beginnings of a blanket!

Til next time x

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19 Nov 2016

Normal Service Is Resumed.....

And breathe.....
take long deep breaths.....
and relax.

I've had an unforeseen, totally unplanned and unexpected 4 month break from blogging. 
I make no apologies but feel an explanation is owed. 

My Dad got sick. Like really really sick. Like life threatening, oh my god! we don't think he's going to make it type of sick. He did indeed make it, by the way, but it was touch and go for about 3 months. He's had 3 stays in critical care units. Ventilated once. All very scary.

Now anyone who has had anyone sick knows that everything else that once seemed important goes on the back burner and all energy is concentrated on hospital visiting and keeping everyone, yourself included, sane. Or sane-ish. I don't I'll ever truly fall into the sane category. But that's ok. I'm happy with that. 3 long months of not sleeping properly, worrying yourself sick and just waiting for the dreaded middle of the night phone calls takes its toll. On everyone. My poor Dad, his partner, my sister, my auntie, her partner....me. We are all exhausted. But he is home! Doing well. Very skinny (I need a bit of skinny at the moment too!!) but gradually get stronger day by day. His partner is feeding him calorie laden meals (she's a great cook!) at every opportunity and fingers crossed the pounds will start creeping back on soon. I have cried an ocean worth of tears over the last months, but as always, I amaze myself at my ability to keep soldiering on. 

Just before my Dad got sick I started learning to run. I say learning because I've never ran before. Even at school I managed to avoid it like the plague! With the encouragement of a good friend I started the NHS Couch to 5k (c25k) program. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a 9 week program that gradually guides you to running for 5k or 30mins. So 3 times a week, in-between hospital visiting I donned my trainers and headed out to run. 

It kept me from going completely insane and gave me something to focus on. I'm really not a natural runner. I don't run fast. But I run! I'm even training for a 10k run next Easter!!! 

It's easy to forget what normal life feels like amidst the constant juggling of hospital visiting, work and running. Sitting down to relax at 9pm after being on the go from 8am became the norm. Crochet projects, socialising, cooking, blogging etc all went on the back burner. I developed an unhealthy dependence on strong coffee! 

I did manage to sneak a lovely day in the countryside though!
A full day spent outdoors, walking, riding the Weardale Railway, picnicking, drinking coffee....admiring the wonderful autumn colours! Heavenly!

These never fail to make me smile 😊😊😊 (yay! blogger FINALLY has smiley face thingys!!)

Hamsterley Forest really is a magical place!
Sometimes a little escapism is completely necessary...

Life is slowly returning to normal. I feel content, happy and RELAXED!
I'm also a little tanned after a week away with my friend Nikki (aka my evil twin!)

We headed off to Fuerteventura for a week of R&R
The weather was gorgeous....as was the food....and wine! 
We treated ourselves to fabulous spa treatments....chilled out and enjoyed the sunshine

And the sunsets. This was our sunset view from our terrace every evening!

So, all in all....a traumatic few months! But in the past. 
Now it's time to start catching up on sharing some hooky projects as I have managed to make some things 😉

Next time I have some reveal photos to share from my carnival cushion....quickly followed by the free pattern! I've got 2 more projects to share before the year ends so get ready for a glut of blog posts as I try to play catch up!!!

Til next time x

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