20 Nov 2016

Carnival Cushion Reveal!

Hi folks! As promised, this time I'm sharing the finally finished Carnival Cushion made with Scheepjes Velvet yarn.
This yarn is from the Colour Crafter family and gives the effect of worn velvet....truly delicious!
You can buy it from Wool Warehouse 😊

If you can cast your mind back to June and THIS post, I updated you on the progress of the cushion. It was inspired by the colours in a lovely hook that I picked up on holiday earlier in the year....

I just loved how those colours worked together!
I decided on a mitred square design using random colour stripes...

Contrasting with a plain square.

And then a simple stripe design for the back.

So! You wanna see the finished cushion???
Oh go on then.....

I just 💖 the finished cushion.

A close up of the cushion front....check out that pompom edging!

And the back....a simple 3 button closure is all this cushion needed.

Ziggy couldn't resist getting in on the photo shoot which is typical because as I go near him with a camera he does a disappearing act!!!

I have written a free pattern to share with you all which will be posted very soon...
But next time I want to share something new! A blanket....or the new beginnings of a blanket!

Til next time x

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  1. Ooh that's so pretty and colourful! Love it :)

  2. I remember your June post. I fell in love with this cushion and the colors, and have been anxiously awaiting the final product. It is awesome. And i'm so glad your father has recovered.