21 Dec 2016

New yarn = new project!!!

Oh don't you just love starting something new! I maybe like it a little too much....hence the pile of unfinished objects in my guest room 😉
Anyway, let's pretend they don't exist and my conscience is clear to start something new!
What yarn to use? What colours to choose? What design?
Ooooh! Decisions decisions!
I think a blanket. Yes a blanket. I've only made three so far this year 😂😂😂
A smaller blanket this time. A little bigger than a lapghan. More like a baby blanket size.
Ok now that's decided onto yarn and colours!
Yarn....something with a huge colour choice. Easy to care for and snuggly soft....
No contest really.....
The perfect choice! Do you know it's available in over 90 colours??? Yes....more than 90!

Look at all those colours! How to choose....how to choose???!!!!
This premium acrylic yarn really is very different to other acrylics that I've worked with before. For a start there's no nasty squeak to this yarn. It really doesn't feel like 100% acrylic. It's unbelievably soft and washes and wears well. 100g balls give you 300 metres of yarn so making larger projects is very affordable. 

I decided to go with a combination of greens and blues with with lovely soft grey.

A nice colour combination! Next job is to decide on a design!
I'll update you on that in the coming days. Well that's if my laptop stays alive. We have laptop woes in this house at the moment. Poor thing is old and worn out (a bit like me!)

I've also got a pattern to share....I haven't forgotten. A trip to Holland and Christmas preps just got in the way! I *think* I'm on top of things now 😉

Til next time x

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