23 Apr 2017

Tassel Scarf Free Pattern!

Here we go....no step by step for this one but I've added links to some great websites that should help you!
The amount of tassels you add is purely up to you!
Go wild or reign in your tassels 😂😂😂

For my project, I wanted a scarf that would be very warm and snuggly. Because of this I chose to work up the scarf using 2 strands of the yarn. This gave a denser and consequently VERY warm scarf. To achieve a scarf that is lighter you can work using only one strand but bear in mind that working only one strand will gave your scarf a more open weave. 


Hip Hop x 200g (8 balls)
Boogie x 25g
Disco x 25g
Charleston x 25g
Cha Cha x 25g
Merengue x 25g

4mm hook
Darning Needle (to weave in ends)
Piece of sturdy cardboard/ruler to make tassels (mine was 1.5 inches high which made the same size tassels)

How To

Finished Measurements: Approx. 14 inches (35cm) wide x 75 inches (190cm) long after blocking and not including the tassels!

I have used THIS simple but VERY effective pattern for the scarf designed by the super talented Dedri Uys from Look At What I Made blog. 
I'm not going to write out the pattern in full as Dedri has wonderful step by step instructions on her blog!


So, for your starting chain you will be using 2 strands of Alpaca Rhythm Hip Hop and chaining 60. 
Work 14 rows as per instructions and fasten off. Join in Cha Cha and work one row in that colour, fasten off. Join in Hip Hop and work another 14 rows. Fasten off and join in Merengue. Work one row and fasten off. 

So basically you are working 14 rows in the main colour and then one row in a contrasting colour.
The colour order is completely up yourself but I have used the following colour order:

Cha Cha, Merengue, Charleston, Boogie and then Disco

Continue with this for 150 rows. Work another 14 rows in Hip Hop and fasten off. Weave in your ends and block to the final size. Blocking opens up the pattern and really makes the stitch pattern sing. 

You are now ready to make some tassels!!!!

There are some easy to follow instructions on making tassels all over the internet!
THIS site condenses the process and makes it simple to understand. 
With your 1.5 inch board/ruler and still using 2 strands of yarn, wrap the yarn around 25 times. Cut the yarn. Using a darning needle threaded with 2 strands of yarn, thread the yarn underneath the wrapped yarn and secure at one side with a knot. Cut the ends. Secure by wrapping 2 strands of yarn about 1cm from top and tying off. Hide the ties inside the tassel. 

I went a bit mad with tassels for my scarf and made 36 in total!!! 
I tied them to my scarf using the long strands of yarn as shown in the photo above. One at each end of the stripes of colour and a further 8 tassels to each end of the scarf which were evenly spaced. The ends were woven into each tassel to make a neat finish. 

And there you have it! A finished tassel scarf!!!!

The length and width can easily be adjusted to suit your needs. 
I hope you like it 😊

Til next time x

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  1. Brilliant idea using two strands. And the tassels make such a fun statement. Thank you!

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  3. Too fun and too cute! Thank you for the inspiration and the pattern. :D

    1. You are very welcome! I'm happy to share :-)

    2. Een goede beschrijving van het krukje : Sophie’s Stool kit

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