26 Sep 2018

Kizzy Blanket - FREE PATTERN

I thought I'd post the pattern for Kizzy tonight rather than waiting until the weekend.
Why? Well....because tomorrow I'm heading down to Harrogate to meet up with my Tribe! Yup....tis that time of year again when all the Scheepjes bloggers meet up and then Yarndale! . Sadly, Christa won't be joining us this year....we'll miss you 😘....but I do get to finally meet Matt, Christina and Rachele! I cannot wait. Nothing has been packed....in fact some clothes are still drying!!! Think it's going to be a mad morning dash!

Ok down to business....

Let's get going and make a Kizzy Blanket!!!

There isn't a step by step tutorial for this blanket but there ain't anything too complicated so don't stress. If you get stuck with a stitch, go check out youtube! Esther (It's all in a Nutshell) has some fabulous stitch tutorials. You can find her channel HERE.


943 Mekong x 5 balls
962 Narmada x 2 balls
961 Mersey x 2 balls
944 Nile x 2 balls
956 Avon x 2 balls
955 Po x 2 balls
952 Rhine x 2 balls
954 Congo x 2 balls
957 Eisak x 2 balls
958 Tiber x 2 balls
946 Mississippi (does anyone else chant that rhyme when spelling this?!) x 2 balls 

3.5mm hook
4.5mm hook (for the main joining)
Darning needle (to weave in those pesky ends!)
Blocking board/mat and pins
Plastic safety pins (optional)
Gin (oops!)

The finished blanket measures 115cm wide and 155cm long. 
It weighs 1014g (how precise!!)

HOW TO....

Ok first think is to put the 5 balls of Mekong to one side. We will use that for the joining and border. 
You are permitted to keep taking it out of the bag and admire the gorgeous colour....obviously!
And maybe a little stroking and sniffing.....but NO DROOLING! It spoils the yarn!

First you will need to make lots and lots of granny squares. 124, 3-round squares (which will make 31 larger squares when joined together) and 32, 6-round squares. I have worked every round in a different colour, chosen at random. 

*Written in UK Terms*


ch - chain
dc - double crochet
tr - treble crochet
htr - half treble crochet
trcl - treble cluster
slst - slip stitch
st - stitch
rpt - repeat
ch-sp - chain space
sk - skip
dtr - double treble

Basic Granny Square Pattern

 Using a 3.5mm hook, chain 4 and slip stitch into the last chain.
Round 1 ch3 (counts as first treble), work 2tr into ch ring, ch2, *3tr into ch ring, ch2 rpt from *twice more. slst into 3rd chain. Fasten off. 
Round 2 Using different colour yarn join in any corner and ch3, 2tr in ch-sp, ch1, *(3tr, ch2, 3tr) in next ch-sp, ch1. Rpt from * twice more. 3tr in last corner space, ch2 and slst into 3rd chain. Fasten off.  
Round 3 Using different colour yarn join in any corner and ch3, 2tr in ch-sp, ch1, 3tr in next ch-sp, ch1, *(3tr, ch2, 3tr) in next ch-sp, ch1, 3tr in next ch-sp, ch1. Rpt from * twice more. 3tr in last corner space, ch2 and slst into 3rd chain. Fasten off.  

This is your small 3 round square finished. Weave in ends...do it now or you'll regret it later!
Now make 123 more!!!

To make the 6 round squares just work another three round in this fashion. Working 3 trebles into the chain spaces along the sides and 3 trebles joined with a 2 chain in the corners. Don't forget to chain 1 between the trebles. It'll help you squares lie flat. You need to make 32 of these. 

Now you have all of your squares made you need to block them. 

Block the small squares to 3 inches and the big squares to 6 inches
(my homemade blocking board is covered in inch gingham so it makes it really easy to measure!)

Blocking really does make a difference!


Ok, we are going to use 2 different joining techniques. 
For the small squares we are going to join them so the join is almost invisible. 

With right sides together, using a 3.5mm hook and yarn that matches one of the squares, join in one of the corner spaces. Double crochet, chain 3, double crochet in the next chain space, chain 3, double crochet in the next chain space, chain 3 and then double crochet in the corner. Fasten off. 
Repeat this process with another 2 squares and then join them both together using the same method.

The back should look something like this...

And when you flip it over, it should look like this.
Weave in ends. 

Once you have joined all of the little squares together you are ready to think about placement and joining. 

I made myself a chart to work out where I wanted my squares to go...

And then laid them out on the living room floor. I also took photos at this point (my cats take great pleasure in knocked over carefully made piles of squares!!!) and then piled them up in rows.

I've joined the squares using a zipper join. It's fiddly but gives a lovely neat appearance. 
Dedri has a fab tutorial HERE for this method. 

Join all of the squares using Mekong yarn and a 4.5mm hook. It's important to move up hook size (or two) for this process otherwise your squares may not lie flat. 

Joining the first row is always tricky. The squares have a tendency to flap round! This is where those little plastic safety pins come in handy. Secure the corners together as above and that should keep everything in place. 

(If you are right handed you will start joining from the top left hand corner. Left handers will start from the bottom right hand corner!)

Ok now continue joining all the vertical rows and then the horizontal ones. 

Then, using a 3.5mm hook, work a row of double crochet around the edges working one double crochet into each stitch, one into the chain space and joins and one into each corner. Fasten off. 

It should be looking something like this....

Ready to make the fancy pants border???!!!
(Don't worry...it's not that tricky!)

Here's where I confess to forgetting to take photos after each border round.

Border Instructions

Round 1 Using Mekong and 3.5mm hook work a round of htr with (htr, ch2, htr) in the corner stitches. Fasten off.
Round 2 Join in first st of edge. ch1, dc in first st, *ch3, sk3 st, dc rpt from * along edge to corner (NB you will probably have to only sk2 at one point along the edges), work (dc, ch2, dc) into corner ch-sp. Continue around the blanket and join with a slst. Fasten off. 
Round 3 Join in first dc of an edge. ch3 (counts as first tr of cluster) and continue to work the trcl in dc, ch3, trcl in dc. Rpt to corner. (ch2, trcl in ch-sp, ch2) to make corner. Repeat around. Slst into top of first cluster. 
Round 4 ch1, dc in first st, ch3, dc in top of trcl, ch3. Repeat all the way around the blanket and join with a slst into first dc.
Round 5 ch1, dc in first stitch, in next dc work (tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr) dc in next dc. This makes a fan shape. Repeat along each edge until you get to the corners. the corners are as follows: (working into the corner trcl, tr, ch2, dtr, ch3, dtr, ch2, tr) dc in next dc. Continue around and slst into first dc. 
Round 6 ch 3 (counts as tr), into centre chain of fan from previous round work (tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr), tr in dc of previous round. Repeat along edge. Into corner ch-sp work (ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr, ch1. Continue around blanket and finish with slst into 3rd chain.
Round 7 ch3 (counts as tr) ch1, *tr in next st, ch1. Rpt from * all around blanket and join with slst.
Round 8 ch1, dc in first st. dc in every dc and ch-sp around blanket. At the centre chain space of the fan work a chain instead of a dc to give a nice peak. slst in first stitch and fasten off. 
Weave in ends.

Now you are ready to block the blanket to make that border truly sing!

I've very firmly pinned my blanket out on the play mats I use for blocking larger projects....

Making sure that the corners are nicely defined. 

Ok so that's it! Now you should now have a lovely Kizzy blanket of your own.

Hopefully next time I'll have some pics and gossip from Yarndale!
Do drop by the Scheepjes stand (B16) and say hello if you're attending!

Til next time x

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23 Sep 2018


Super photo heavy post ahead....go grab yourself a drink whilst the photos are loading!
sorry....not sorry!

Well. What can I say about this blanket? 
Let's start with the details.
It's made from Scheepjes River Washed yarn which is available in a giddying array of stunning colours. I have no idea what size the finished blanket is....nor do I know the weight.
I shall have that info for the FREE PATTERN post in a couple of days.

Today is all about showing. Like a show and tell but without the tell!
Ok...not quite. I will give some info.

Let me just show you Kizzy first....

Who says that a blanket made from Granny Squares has to be boring or for "auld biddies"??!!!

I have adored making this blanket. Ok...weaving in a gazillion little ends wasn't the best....but other than that it has been pure joy!

I knew the reveal photos needed to be taken somewhere that would do Kizzy justice, so we headed into the Northumberland National Park. Earle and Harthope Valley to be precise. 

The hill on the left is Cheviot (I think!!)

It was a beautiful sunny day if a little chilly!
In order to get some good photos we climbed (me whining all the way!) to get to a rocky crag on the top of the hill.

Scouting for the best blanket draping point!

The sheep weren't too impressed by our presence....

Ok now to get a bit higher.....eeeeek!!!

It was late afternoon and the light was golden and cast delightful shadows on the rock.
Just stunning!
(by the way....whenever I'm out and about in this stunning landscape I have to pinch myself as I'm sooo lucky to live with this practically on my doorstep!)

Back down and heading towards "base camp" as my dramatic self like to refer to the car park...I couldn't resist grabbing some more photos.

Am still picking moss and lichen out of Kizzy! But you can't resist a mossy wall....

Especially with a ferny back drop!

"base camp"....kettle was boiling for a well earned cup of tea!

Kizzy is extremely photogenic!
 I love the contrast against the steps of this derelict barn we found. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these photos.....but I thought I'd leave you with a shot that captures just how tricky it is to get those perfect photos!!!
Perched atop a rock waving a blanket in the wind whilst a crazy hooker lady frantically snaps away, shouting "waft harder" and tries not to fall down to the bottom!
All perfectly normal.....ish!

(Free pattern and instructions will posted in the next few days)
Kizzy and I will be at Yarndale next weekend. We'd love to see you! Please pop by the Scheepjes stand and say hello!

Til next time x

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16 Sep 2018

Blanket Joy

Ah.....this blanket has completely stolen my heart.
Every time I look at the riot of colours it makes me smile.
Isn't it funny how colours have this affect?

Ok, a quick update. 
All the squares are made and it has been joined together.
I've joined the small squares using an invisible join, with matching Scheepjes River Washed yarn, to make squares the same sized as the bigger Granny Squares. This makes the whole joining process much simpler. 

Next I worked out the mix of squares on paper. I wanted this blanket to be random! No real thought to how the squares would be placed......so I literally grabbed squares and placed them! I wasn't even bothered if colours landed together.....most unlike me!

Then I took a quick snap (it was evening time...hence the low light) and made piles of squares, in order, ready to join.

Next came the lovely joining process....on my knee, with a cuppa and in front of the TV.
I've used a stunning pink to join. It really makes all of the colours sing! 

I've used my favourite zipper join. It's lovely and neat and gives a nice outline to the squares. 
I was tempted to do a fancy joining technique, but thought that it would be lost in that colour frenzy and a bit too fussy. Plain and simple seems to work for the joins.

This photo gives better colour replication.

Now there's just the border to add and a final block!
I'm planning to go roaming in the Northumbrian countryside next weekend to take photographs of the finished blanket.....there may be hills again!

Til next time x

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9 Sep 2018

Granny Squares = Lots of Tails

Do they ever end???!!!!
I'm making great progress on my Granny Square blanket, but boy! there are an AWFUL LOT of little ends to weave in. Seriously. A lot. 

This little lot is just from 20 squares. There are way more squares in the blanket. 

BUT...and it's a big but (not quite as big as my butt though!!!) I am seriously in love with this blanket. It's also the first truly random blanket I've ever made. Normally I do controlled random in that I'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to colour. 
This time I've thrown caution to the wind and have just gone with it. 

If you remember from the last post, I chose 11 colours in the gorgeous Scheepjes River Washed yarn. 

I've used 10 in the squares and the remaining colour will be used for joining and the border.

I've made lots of the little centres with each colour and then have pulled colours randomly to make the next 2 rounds. 

I love how the colours play against each other. It makes my heart sing, all of those rich colours nestled up against each other. 

I've got a healthy pile of squares now! These are the blocked ones. 

And some in the blocking process. I use a homemade blocking board that is covered in inch square gingham. Makes it so much easier than having to measure them out!

OK....now a word on blocking. I'm like a broken record on this topic! Blocking really does make a huge difference to your finished project. It gives it a professional finish and the fabric drapes much better when blocked. Don't believe me?

Check out this picture of a blocked and unblocked square sitting next to each other!
Bit of a no brainer really!!!

On account of there being soooo many squares to make for this blanket, and I also work full time, I haven't quite got to the joining stage to share with you this weekend. I'll post another update next weekend. I'm going to use 2 different joining techniques for this blanket. Nothing too complicated so it'll be a great beginner project!

Til next time x

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