23 Sep 2018


Super photo heavy post ahead....go grab yourself a drink whilst the photos are loading!
sorry....not sorry!

Well. What can I say about this blanket? 
Let's start with the details.
It's made from Scheepjes River Washed yarn which is available in a giddying array of stunning colours. I have no idea what size the finished blanket is....nor do I know the weight.
I shall have that info for the FREE PATTERN post in a couple of days.

Today is all about showing. Like a show and tell but without the tell!
Ok...not quite. I will give some info.

Let me just show you Kizzy first....

Who says that a blanket made from Granny Squares has to be boring or for "auld biddies"??!!!

I have adored making this blanket. Ok...weaving in a gazillion little ends wasn't the best....but other than that it has been pure joy!

I knew the reveal photos needed to be taken somewhere that would do Kizzy justice, so we headed into the Northumberland National Park. Earle and Harthope Valley to be precise. 

The hill on the left is Cheviot (I think!!)

It was a beautiful sunny day if a little chilly!
In order to get some good photos we climbed (me whining all the way!) to get to a rocky crag on the top of the hill.

Scouting for the best blanket draping point!

The sheep weren't too impressed by our presence....

Ok now to get a bit higher.....eeeeek!!!

It was late afternoon and the light was golden and cast delightful shadows on the rock.
Just stunning!
(by the way....whenever I'm out and about in this stunning landscape I have to pinch myself as I'm sooo lucky to live with this practically on my doorstep!)

Back down and heading towards "base camp" as my dramatic self like to refer to the car park...I couldn't resist grabbing some more photos.

Am still picking moss and lichen out of Kizzy! But you can't resist a mossy wall....

Especially with a ferny back drop!

"base camp"....kettle was boiling for a well earned cup of tea!

Kizzy is extremely photogenic!
 I love the contrast against the steps of this derelict barn we found. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these photos.....but I thought I'd leave you with a shot that captures just how tricky it is to get those perfect photos!!!
Perched atop a rock waving a blanket in the wind whilst a crazy hooker lady frantically snaps away, shouting "waft harder" and tries not to fall down to the bottom!
All perfectly normal.....ish!

(Free pattern and instructions will posted in the next few days)
Kizzy and I will be at Yarndale next weekend. We'd love to see you! Please pop by the Scheepjes stand and say hello!

Til next time x

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