21 Jun 2015

Scheepjeswol Bloggers Weekend 2015

What do you get when you cram 11 yarn addicted bloggers into Scheepjeswol HQ?
You get, quite simply, 2 days of fun filled, laughter infused good times!

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Last Friday we were invited to visit HQ and meet up. I'd better add now that the reason I haven't blogged about my weekend before now is that I've just returned home. I had a little break from the hustle and bustle ;-)
So back to the weekend! Friday morning we all (well most of us) tip toed nervously into the meeting room. I guess it was a little like that first day at school feeling. Nervous but excited about meeting folks whose blogs you've followed for ages (I'm an avid blog stalker by the way!)
Within 2 minutes the room was buzzing with laughter and chatter....phew! 

After introductions we did a tour of the warehouse. Now I'm lucky enough to have visited a couple of times before but you could really tell from the oohs, aahs and squeals those that had not!!!
The button aisles are always a huge hit ;-) What is it about crafters that we get so excited over buttons, yarn and stationary?????
If you want a little peek of the warehouse go visit the blogs linked below ;-)

After the tour we had lunch in the glorious sunshine! Man! It was hot!!! Although I made the most of the glorious weather as usual.

Our afternoon was spent talking blog stuff and stroking new yarns. I know! Tough huh????

We spent the evening at a lovely restaurant in Assen which had a slightly unusual take on flavour combinations ;-) Very delicious...I never thought I'd ever say that about Pheasant, pea puree and popcorn!!!! Much laughter and chatter later (oh and a little wine ;-)) we finally got home at midnight. And Sleep!!!

On saturday morning we all met up at this gorgeous lakeside venue for a relaxing morning. I had my current WIP but in all honesty little was done! I was way more interested in chatting and seeing what everyone else was making haha!

We were served delicious food....how gorgeous are these?

And even Mr Scheepjes himself got in on the action....he made his very first granny square with a little help from the lovely Dedri!

Before we knew it was time to say our goodbyes and head off home....the time just flew!
We had a ball and thank you so much to Mr Scheepjes, Job, and the Scheepjes team for making our visit so good!

If you want to read more about our Bloggers days (or just a little blog mooch) just follow the links below:

Sadly, Marinke and Tammy couldn't make this get together....(you were missed!) but hopefully next time!

So once the Bloggers days were over it was time to kick back and relax a little....no relax a lot! Typically, the weather took a down turn but that didn't stop us chilling out one little bit.
We drank gin....


Plenty of hooky time!

And even a little spinning :-)

As usual the time just flew and before I knew it I was heading to the airport and back to reality. 

On the plus side I have some lovely memories and also a few goodies that I'll tell you about soon. 
Til next time x
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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Unfortunally we know now that dear Wink is no longer among us. You and the others will miss her at your next blogger weekends, just as I and many others miss her a lot.

    Dear greetings, Margaret