Rock Those Socks Make-Along - The Lacy Version!

Evening folks!

How are you all getting on with your sock making???

As you aware, the Rock Your Socks Make-Along is a bloggers collaboration between myself and the lovely Sarah, from Crafts from the Cwtch.

Sarah is showing you how to knit socks and I'm focusing on the crochet version.

I'm using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn for my socks and Sarah is using Scheepjes Invicta Colour
The yarns can now be purchased in the UK from Wool Warehouse :-)

You can share your progress on social media using #rockthosesocksmal or by joining us in Sarah's Ravelry group HERE!

Last time I said I would share the lacy version instructions. Sorry it's a day late!
I'm having some real struggles with my laptop....it kind of works when it wants to!!!

Anyway, better late than never ;-)

For the lacy version I've used Scheepjes Stone Washed in Rose Quartz. 
You will need 2 x 50g balls. 

The toe part is made exactly the same as the other version. At the end of round 6 you will have 30 stitches. On round 7 you will work another round of edc but increase another 4 stitches as before, giving you 34 stitches. You need extra stitches as the lacy pattern pulls the sock in a little. 

On the next round you will start to make the lacy pattern.
Work half the round (17st in edc)
The remainder of the round is worked as follows:
edc, ch1, skip a stitch, edc, ch1, skip a stitch and so on to the end of the round.  

You should end up with something like the photo above. 
Continue in this pattern.

As you can see, the lacy pattern begins to emerge.

When placed on the foot, it stretches and opens up the stitches nicely :-)

Continue in pattern until you are ready to make the heel as detailed in the last post.

The heel is made up exactly the same way as the non lacy pattern. It's worked in double crochet. 
The only difference is that you will have 2 more stitches to work so will end up with 9 rather than 7 stitches on your last step. Aim to end up with 38 stitches. If you don't have this amount....don't stress about it! Just increase or decrease in the next 2 rounds until you do :-)

Work 2 rounds in pattern as before (half edc, half lacy pattern) and you're now at the same point as the other sock. Ready to make the leg and cuff!

Join me next time when we will finishing our socks!!!!

Before I go, I thought I'd share my knitted sock so far!

(I'm using Scheepjes Invicta Matterhorn to make my socks.)

Once I found some circular needles that I love (Chiagoo Red Lace!!!!), there's no stopping me!!!
I'm working on the other sock now so hopefully will be ready to insert my afterthought heel :-)

See you Wednesday x
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  1. Ohhh I like the looks of the lacey one! I was hoping to continue on with the leg of the 1st one, but I think I might have to start on these ones!!