28 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along Part 3!

Well hello and happy Wednesday to you all!
Are you ready to finish your socks???
As usual, please do share your creations on social media by tagging the photos #rockthosesocksmal.
You can also join in the discussions in Sarah's Ravelry group HERE!
For the knitters out there, you can read Sarah's instalment over on her blog HERE!
I'm making my socks using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. It's lovely and soft and machine washable. 
Ok, lets get cracking!
You will be very pleased to hear that, after last weeks complicated heel making, this week is a nice and easy saunter along to the finish line :-)

Your socks should be at this stage now.

Ready to make a start on the leg and cuff.

On the plain socks, join in a new colour and work in EDC. You have 34 stitches and you need to decrease by 2 stitches on each round. I decreased on the heel side of the sock (one decrease after the starter marker and the second before the next marker). I decreased my EDC by inserting in to the stitch, yarn round hook and pulling through, and again in the next stitch. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn round hook, pull through 2 loops and then yarn round hook again and pull through the final 2 loops. I have absolutely no idea if this is correct way to decrease this stitch (hahaha!) but it worked for me :-)
Repeat this row again and you should now have 30 stitches. At this point I fastened off the Amazonite and joined in the Crystal Quartz.

I worked rows of EDC the same as making the foot part in the following colours:

2 rounds of Crystal Quartz
2 rounds of Yellow Jasper
4 rounds of Amazonite
2 rounds of Crystal Quartz

This takes you up to the cuff making part!!!!

For the lacy version, I had 38 stitches. Do not decrease any stitches! As you can see from the photograph, the lace design pulls in the sock and you really do need to get them over your feet ;-)
Work full rounds of pattern (EDC1, ch1). I worked 10 rounds to reach the point where I was happy with the length. You can adjust as desired. 

To make the cuff for the plain sock, with Yellow Jasper, work a round of EDC and decrease twice in this round. I did this around the halfway point. Work a further two rounds in EDC and fasten off. 
Now weave in those pesky ends!!!!

Again we are going to work a decrease round. Because we have 19 chain spaces and 19 EDCs, I simply worked 28 stitches around the sock. Work all the EDCs but evenly work into 9 of the chain spaces too. Next 2 rounds are worked in EDC. Fasten off and weave in your ends. 


You now have a pair of snuggly crochet socks to feet your feet toasty warm as winter approaches!

I really do hope that you've enjoyed this sock making adventure.
Next week I will be sharing the pattern, hopefully in PDF format if I can work out how ;-)
I will also have news of a giveaway so join me then!!

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