4 Nov 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along - The Pattern!

Eeeeeeeee!!!!! What a time I've had working out how to share a PDF on this blog!!!!
I think it's fair to say I'm not the most technically astute. I have been known to throw the teeniest of tantrums when internet thingy stuff doesn't work :-)))

Anyways.....back to the subject in hand! 
Today we are putting all the tutorials and instructions together and publishing patterns!

Sarah's pattern is over on her blog HERE! Ok, ok, ok....I know....her PDF is way better than mine! I have to confess that I may have a little PDF envy!!!

I just love her Chevron Sock design. I can see lots of these being made!

She made them with Scheepjes Invicta Colour, a gorgeous slow colour changing sock yarn. 
I do believe that Wool Warehouse are now stocking this yarn ;-)

I've put together a written pattern for the stripy socks. I'm working like crazy on the lace version. 
It'll be here soon. I promise! They take a little time to put together and to be honest I'm totally shattered and wiped out at the moment. But I'm working on it ;-)

I've loved seeing all your sock creations, both knitted and crocheted!
I'm truly amazed at how different they all are. 
Keep sharing the photos! 
A per usual....Sarah's Ravelry group is HERE.
Post your photos on social media with #rockthosesocksmal

Ok, here we go.....

Can can find the pattern PDF by clicking HERE!

I used Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn for my socks. It's one of my all time favourite yarns. I just love it!
You can find all the posts on this blog relating to the make-along HERE.
I'll also update my tutorial page to include the patterns and blog posts over the next few days. 
Join us next week when we will have details of a lovely give-away for all you sock makers!
Til then x
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  1. No offense, but why do you use cotton for socks? I believe the Invicta Colour would work better for crocheted socks - they stay in shape in a better way

    1. None taken :-) Socks can be made with a variety of yarns, they all have different properties. Stone washed cotton is constructed in a slightly different way to 'usual' cotton yarns. I made some knitted socks (my very first) last year with the stone washed and just loved how they felt on my feet. That's why I chose it for a crochet version. These socks aren't designed to be worn out and about....more for lounging about the house on cold winter evenings! Making a pair with traditional sock yarn is on my list of things to do though :-)

  2. Like your socks, and colours!
    ps: I believe cotton yarn breaths more then other kinds of yarn, so you won't get smelly feet in them :-)

  3. I just knitted my first pair of good-fitting socks with the Fish Lips Kiss heel and I'm planning to make my next pair out of Scheepjes Stonewashed yarn. Just for those lazy days/evenings at home.
    The reason I said 'good-fitting socks' was because I have wide feet and most 'standard' sock patterns don't match my feet's circumference (experience has taught me the hard way). The FLK-heels are my favorite heels, because they look like regular short-rows but fit a lot better (and I'm not a fan of heelflap and gusset socks, because I don't like the look of them).

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