28 Mar 2017

Happiness is.......

Using my favourite yarn by Scheepjes to make something from one of my favourite crochet designers.
I know!!! Doesn't get much better than that does it?
Ok.... throw some decent gin into the mix and I think we have recipe made in heaven 😜
Cotton 8 was the very first Scheepjes yarn I discovered. It was being sold on a market stall in Groningen (which is a stunning Dutch city by the way!). I was blown away by the colour choice and also the price. I loved the feel of it. It didn't look splitty. It had an expensive feel about it but with an affordable price tag. Perfect for the newbie hooker I was back then. I made my first BIG project with it. Oh the anxiety of it all....what if I messed it up? What if it didn't look good? 
Well to be honest, it didn't really matter. Because Cotton 8 is so affordable, if I made mess it was no big deal. But you know what? I didn't! And....that blanket still lives on my bed today. Cotton 8 just gets better and better with use. It goes sooooo very very soft and snuggly. One day I'll get around to making that blanket bigger....one day....
However I digress! 
Where was I? Oh yes! New project!!!
I need a new shawl. Meh......well maybe I don't need a new one....but I sure as hell want one. 
It's the same thing really 😉
I rather thought this one would fit the bill.....

Stunning isn't it? It's called Victoria and you can find the pattern HERE.

I think it will be a beautiful shawl to wrap around my shoulders on chilly summer evenings.

I'm planning on making it a decent size. Nothing worse than a shawl that doesn't wrap all around!
The shawl is designed by the very talented Bernadette Ambergen.....or Berniolie as she is known on Ravelry. Check out her work! I can't even begin to imagine how she dreams up these designs!!!
I've made a few of her designs before....

Stunning aren't they?
Anyways back to the shawl! 

I chose this stunning colour to work with. Its colour 723. 
I've made a start and am working through it quickly.

It's a lovely relaxing project to make so far. Perfect to hook whilst watching TV.
I'm hoping to have it finished in a couple of weeks. 
I'll keep you posted on the progress! 

In the meantime, do pop over to Bernadette's shop. 
I'm sure there's a pattern in there with your name on it screaming to be made 😉

Til next time x
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  1. Oh, this looks lovely. I love to get excited about a new project I know will get a lot of use! I am dying to try scheepjes yarn. They look stunning. I have to use up my stash first as I really can't afford to splurge....maybe for my birthday....maybe.