New Project Update

Hi Folks!
Long time no speak.....this year literally has been a whirl of activity.
It seems like ages since since I last posted so thought it was about time I put down the hook long enough to write a quick update on this project.

If you remember (I know! it's been a long time...!) I had started a new project with some gorgeous Wanderlust yarn from Scheepjes.

A lovely 100% acrylic colour changing yarn to make a yoga cushion.

Bet you didn't expect all of those colours hidden inside that ball of yarn?
I chose the Hawaii colour way for this project because I loved the variety of colours and also it works perfectly with my yoga mats (plural....I have 2!)

The texture of this crochet stitch really brings this yarn to life...
I've made 2 rectangles to join together to cover the cushion. As it's going to be stretched over a cushion pad there was no need to block!

Check out that yummy texture!
The only drawback with this stitch pattern is that you have to fasten off and join on every row.
Yup....that means a whole heap of little tails to weave in....

Next project will definitely not require this level of tail weaving in!
It really was worth it though....I'm delighted with the finished cushion 😍😍😍

Join me next week and I'll reveal all!
Til then x

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