18 Nov 2017

One Finished Yoga Cushion!

Good evening!
As promised, today I'm showing you my finished yoga cushion.
In all honesty, this cushion was completed a little while ago and has been in use since!
It works perfectly....just enough height for me to perch comfortably 😉

I opted for a fairly well stuffed feather cushion pad so it would stand the test of time....in other words it would stand the weight of me on it without becoming as flat as a pancake!

So here we go....

I used Scheepjes Wanderlust in the Hawaii colour way.

The cushion used only 2 balls of yarn which makes it a very affordable project as it retails at £3.99 per 100g ball.

I added a tassel to each corner to give a bit of interest....well that and I seem to have a tassel thing going on at the minute 😉

The colours work beautifully with my well worn yoga mat!

I'll be showing you how you can make the cushion (or similar) in the next couple of days.
It's a simple but effective stitch pattern and you can alter it to fit whatever cushion size you need 😊
On that note I'm off to pour a well deserved gin and tonic... (it's been a busy day here!)

Til next time x

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  1. Wonderful pillow! Super nice color! Greetings, Tinne

  2. Beautiful cushion. With this cushoin it is extra fun to exercise.

    Deer greetings, Margaret

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