11 Nov 2019

It's Growing....!

And breathe.....!!!
Hello! Phew....I didn't think I was going to find to give you a little update on my latest project tonight. Time just isn't on my side at the moment. So much to do and soooo little time.
But....there's always time for a little making isn't there? 

So. Remember last time when I shared some stash yarn for a cheeky little winter make?

Some left over Scheepjes Metropolis and Mohair Rhythm.
I knew I wanted to make a scarf.... a knitted scarf....and I wanted to use these colours as I love the colour combination. And it also needed to be warm and snuggly as I really feel the cold and love being wrapped up nice and cosy! 

I love the effect of mohair held together with another yarn. It changes the whole feel of the fabric and gives a lovely muted finish to the colours. So I cast on and started knitting. 
Now I'm not a quick knitter. I'm left handed and have managed to develop a crazy style of knitting that works for me but I'll not win any awards on the speed front!

I decided on a nice repeating strip design with a little bit of moss stitch at the ends to help with the curling! 

It's been a fabulous TV project! Something simple and rhythmic to keep my hands busy. I was amazed at how quickly it grew! 

I love the marled effect the Mohair Rhythm gives the finished fabric...

I think this photo really highlights the lovely Mohair halo. 
I'm just keeping going until I've got a length that I'm happy with....no exact science. That's the beauty of this kind of project. 

Now the next question is.....to pom pom or not to pom pom!
Join me next time to find out what I decided 😉

Til then... x

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