28 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along Part 3!

Well hello and happy Wednesday to you all!
Are you ready to finish your socks???
As usual, please do share your creations on social media by tagging the photos #rockthosesocksmal.
You can also join in the discussions in Sarah's Ravelry group HERE!
For the knitters out there, you can read Sarah's instalment over on her blog HERE!
I'm making my socks using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn. It's lovely and soft and machine washable. 
Ok, lets get cracking!
You will be very pleased to hear that, after last weeks complicated heel making, this week is a nice and easy saunter along to the finish line :-)

Your socks should be at this stage now.

Ready to make a start on the leg and cuff.

On the plain socks, join in a new colour and work in EDC. You have 34 stitches and you need to decrease by 2 stitches on each round. I decreased on the heel side of the sock (one decrease after the starter marker and the second before the next marker). I decreased my EDC by inserting in to the stitch, yarn round hook and pulling through, and again in the next stitch. You should have 3 loops on your hook. Yarn round hook, pull through 2 loops and then yarn round hook again and pull through the final 2 loops. I have absolutely no idea if this is correct way to decrease this stitch (hahaha!) but it worked for me :-)
Repeat this row again and you should now have 30 stitches. At this point I fastened off the Amazonite and joined in the Crystal Quartz.

I worked rows of EDC the same as making the foot part in the following colours:

2 rounds of Crystal Quartz
2 rounds of Yellow Jasper
4 rounds of Amazonite
2 rounds of Crystal Quartz

This takes you up to the cuff making part!!!!

For the lacy version, I had 38 stitches. Do not decrease any stitches! As you can see from the photograph, the lace design pulls in the sock and you really do need to get them over your feet ;-)
Work full rounds of pattern (EDC1, ch1). I worked 10 rounds to reach the point where I was happy with the length. You can adjust as desired. 

To make the cuff for the plain sock, with Yellow Jasper, work a round of EDC and decrease twice in this round. I did this around the halfway point. Work a further two rounds in EDC and fasten off. 
Now weave in those pesky ends!!!!

Again we are going to work a decrease round. Because we have 19 chain spaces and 19 EDCs, I simply worked 28 stitches around the sock. Work all the EDCs but evenly work into 9 of the chain spaces too. Next 2 rounds are worked in EDC. Fasten off and weave in your ends. 


You now have a pair of snuggly crochet socks to feet your feet toasty warm as winter approaches!

I really do hope that you've enjoyed this sock making adventure.
Next week I will be sharing the pattern, hopefully in PDF format if I can work out how ;-)
I will also have news of a giveaway so join me then!!

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25 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along - The Lacy Version!

Evening folks!

How are you all getting on with your sock making???

As you aware, the Rock Your Socks Make-Along is a bloggers collaboration between myself and the lovely Sarah, from Crafts from the Cwtch.

Sarah is showing you how to knit socks and I'm focusing on the crochet version.

I'm using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn for my socks and Sarah is using Scheepjes Invicta Colour
The yarns can now be purchased in the UK from Wool Warehouse :-)

You can share your progress on social media using #rockthosesocksmal or by joining us in Sarah's Ravelry group HERE!

Last time I said I would share the lacy version instructions. Sorry it's a day late!
I'm having some real struggles with my laptop....it kind of works when it wants to!!!

Anyway, better late than never ;-)

For the lacy version I've used Scheepjes Stone Washed in Rose Quartz. 
You will need 2 x 50g balls. 

The toe part is made exactly the same as the other version. At the end of round 6 you will have 30 stitches. On round 7 you will work another round of edc but increase another 4 stitches as before, giving you 34 stitches. You need extra stitches as the lacy pattern pulls the sock in a little. 

On the next round you will start to make the lacy pattern.
Work half the round (17st in edc)
The remainder of the round is worked as follows:
edc, ch1, skip a stitch, edc, ch1, skip a stitch and so on to the end of the round.  

You should end up with something like the photo above. 
Continue in this pattern.

As you can see, the lacy pattern begins to emerge.

When placed on the foot, it stretches and opens up the stitches nicely :-)

Continue in pattern until you are ready to make the heel as detailed in the last post.

The heel is made up exactly the same way as the non lacy pattern. It's worked in double crochet. 
The only difference is that you will have 2 more stitches to work so will end up with 9 rather than 7 stitches on your last step. Aim to end up with 38 stitches. If you don't have this amount....don't stress about it! Just increase or decrease in the next 2 rounds until you do :-)

Work 2 rounds in pattern as before (half edc, half lacy pattern) and you're now at the same point as the other sock. Ready to make the leg and cuff!

Join me next time when we will finishing our socks!!!!

Before I go, I thought I'd share my knitted sock so far!

(I'm using Scheepjes Invicta Matterhorn to make my socks.)

Once I found some circular needles that I love (Chiagoo Red Lace!!!!), there's no stopping me!!!
I'm working on the other sock now so hopefully will be ready to insert my afterthought heel :-)

See you Wednesday x
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21 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along Part 2

Hi Everyone!

I am really enjoying seeing all your sock in progress photos! Keep them coming :-)
A couple of readers had commented that the text on my blog is difficult to read. Thanks for your feedback! I've gone back to my blog designer and she has darkened it down so hopefully it's easier to read now :-)

You can catch up on the previous sock posts here and here.

Ok today we are making a heel for our socks.
It's a little fiddly but really not that difficult.
I shall try my best to explain it to you in a nice and easy way.
Sarah, from Crafts from the Cwtch is talking heels for knitted socks today (she's doing an afterthought heel....oo-er....!!!!) 
Pop over to her blog for an update HERE!

As usual you can either post your WIP pics via social media #rockthosesocksmal or pop over to Sarah's Ravelry group HERE! I'm popping into the group regularly and am happy to answer any questions if needed :-)

Right, let's get going...
A couple of things to remember....
My pattern is based on socks made from Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn.
If you have made your socks from thinner or thicker yarn you may have to fiddle about with the stitch numbers and rows.
Once you understand the principles of making a turned heel it's not too tricky to adjust them accordingly. 
I would advise jotting down the stitch numbers you need for each row before you start.
Hopefully that will make sense as we go on ;-)


Edc the first 15 stitches (or first half of your sock), ch 1 then turn the work

Row 1. Dc 15, chain 1, turn 

Row 2. Dc 14, chain 1, turn 

As you can see, you're making what look like a series of steps!

Row 3. Dc 13, chain 1, turn 

Row 4. Dc 12, chain 1, turn 

Row 5. Dc 11, chain 1, turn 

Row 6. Dc 10, chain 1, turn

Row 7. Dc 9, chain 1, turn

Row 8. Dc 8, chain 1, turn

Row 9. Dc 7, chain 1, turn

Ok, now you should have a series of "steps" which will form the base of the heel. Now we will start to join it all and shape the heel!

Row 10. Dc 7. Next, work a dc in the side of the step and another in the unworked stitch of the row. Slip stitch into the next stitch and turn, do not chain before turning! 

The photo above shows a dc worked in both the side of the step and the unworked stitch.

This photo shows where the slip stitch is worked.

When you turn your work it should look something like this!

Row 11. Do not work the slip stitch! Dc 9, then dc in side and dc in unworked stitch, slip stitch in side of step, turn without working a chain. 

 You can see the curve of the heel starting to appear!

Row 12. Skip the slip stitch and dc 11. The next bit is slightly different to the previous rows! In the side of the step and unworked stitch you are going to dc 2 together. Slip stitch in the side of the step and turn without working a chain. 

Row 13. Skip the slip stitch and dc 12. dc 2 tog in side and unworked stitch. Slip stitch in the side of the step and turn without working a chain.

This is forming our heel. We are going to continue working rows until there are no steps left!

Row 14. Skip sl st, dc 13. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Your heel is taking shape!

Row 15. Skip sl st, dc 14. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Row 16. Skip sl st, dc 15. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

Row 17. Skip sl st, dc 16. dc 2tog in side and unworked st. Sl st in side. Turn, no ch.

After this row I had no steps left to work!

One heel made!

At this point you are ready to start working in edc again. Make sure you have the right side of your work facing you and complete 2 round in edc as we did when making the foot. 

If you have a little gap between the heel and the stitch marker do not panic!
Simply work a stitch in the gap!

I ended up with a total of 34 stitches. We are going to decrease while working the leg so this isn't a problem ;-)

Your sock should look something like this so far!

This is the side where the join is. As you can see the heel is made up of a series of joins that form right angles :-)

And this the sock so far modelled by my not so glamorous ankle and foot!!!
I even shaved my legs for this shot ;-)

Ok I think that's enough sock work for now!
I have made a lacy version. I'll post the instructions for that in the next couple of days. 
Quite frankly, after this heel marathon I'm worn out!!!!

I really do hope you understand my instructions. 
Til next time x

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14 Oct 2015

Rock Those Socks Make-Along Part 1

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Ok are you all set to start making those socks?????
Please feel free to share your progress with us!
You can either # your progress on social media using #rockthosesocksmal or pop over to Sarah's Ravelry group HERE!
For the sock knitters, Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch, has posted Part One HERE.
Time for a little confession.....

Remember this photo of my chosen yarn for making my socks? *coughs nervously*
Ok well I made a start on the socks using the above colours....
And it just wasn't working for me.
The colours didn't feel right together. So, I ditched the pink. 
It worked! Much better colour combination :-)
But I felt bad about leaving out the pink as it is such a gorgeous colour. So I made another pair of socks in a different pattern using the pink. 
I've written up the pattern for both socks so next week I'll also talk you through making the lacy pair too!

Right lets get cracking!!!

A couple of important points to bear in mind!!

I am left handed. When I crochet I work in the opposite direction, so clockwise as opposed to anti clockwise. 

The instructions will work whether left or right handed. You just need to mentally flip my photos!

The instructions are written in UK crochet terms. 

Stitch markers are your friend! It might be pain having to move them each round but they are important. They show you where to increase/decrease. 


My socks are made to fit my pretty average size 5 (UK)/ 38 feet. I have a very high instep so I've adjusted them slightly to take account of this. I am using Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn (now available to buy in the UK from Wool Warehouse!) and the recommended hook size is 3-3.5mm. I'm using a 4mm hook as I hook fairly tightly and this hook gives me the required tension but use the recommended hook size for your yarn. You do not want your socks to be too tight nor do you want them to be very loose. Try to maintain a nice even tension. 
Keep trying your sock on throughout the making. It's easy to decrease or increase as needed. 
The beauty of crochet socks is that you can adjust them as you progress. 
Just remember to jot down any changes you make as you will need those notes when making your second sock!


I'm using an extended double crochet stitch (edc) for most this pattern. It's a lovely stitch that has a little stretch to it so perfect for socks! It also give a nice smooth finish. To make the stitch you insert your hook into the stitch, yarn over and pull through (2 loops on hook). Yarn over and pull through one loop , yarn over and pull through the remaining 2 loops. Easy as that! 
There's a nice you tube tutorial here!
For the heel we'll be using a standard double crochet. 

Increases will be made by working 2 stitches in the stitch
 BEFORE and AFTER the stitch markers unless otherwise stated. This will give a nice even finish to your socks. 

The socks are made in rounds. At the end of each round join with a slip stitch into the first stitch of the round (APART FROM THE VERY FIRST ROUND!). You will begin each round with a chain 1 and then make the edc into the first stitch. You will get a visible join on the side of your sock, but it will prevent the sock from twisting! 


Begin by chaining 8 in the colour you've chosen for you toe part (I've used Yellow Jasper). Into the second chain from hook edc 1 and then edc a further 6 stitches.
7 stiches made. 

Next you need to pivot your work 180 degrees and work 7 edc on the other side.

It should look something like and you will have 14 stitches in total. Do not join with a slip stitch!
Now insert your stitch markers in stitch 1 and 8.

I've used different colours so I know which one is the starting stitch!

Round 1 

Increase round! Work edc in first stitch (don't forget to move stitch marker up!) now work a round of edc but increase in the stitches before and after the stitch markers. You should now have 18 stitches, having increased by 4. Join with a slip stitch.

It should look something like this!

Round 2

Another increase row the same as before!

Should now have 22 stitches and it's starting to resemble a boat shape!

Round 3 

This is worked exactly the same, increasing by 4 to 26 stitches. 

Round 4 

Work a round of edc with no increase.

Round 5 

Increase another 4 which will take you to 30 stitches. 

Round 6 

Work a round of edc with no increase. Break off yarn. 

It should now resemble a sock toe!

And when placed on your foot should fit comfortably! If you find it's way too big, rip back to the last increase and work a couple of rows and see if its a better fit. Likewise if its too tight add another 4 stitches in this round. 


The foot is made by working rounds of edc without increasing or decreasing. Don't forget the join the end of each round with a slip stitch. 

I've worked my colours in the following order:

 2 rounds of Crystal Quartz

 4 rounds of Amazonite

2 rounds of Yellow Jasper
2 rounds of Crystal Quartz
2 rounds of Amazonite
4 rounds of Crystal Quartz
2 rounds of Yellow Jasper

This took me to the point where the sock foot part had completely covered the top of my foot and where the heel starts. Depending on your foot size you may have to work more or less rows. 

 So there you go! First part is finished! As you can see from the photo, the extended double crochet expands nicely to fit your foot :-) I hope my instructions are nice and easy to follow!
If you're having any problems please pop over to the Ravelry group here and I'll try to help :-)

Next week we will be tackling the heel!!!
Hope to see you all then.

Now I'm off to dust off my knitting needles and try my hand at Sarah's sock pattern!

Til next time x

ETA I forgot to add yarn quantities!!! A single finished sock weighs around 40g. I've worked my toe, heel and cuff all in the same colour. Juggle your colours until you're happy with the stripe pattern. Don't forget, you can always make a plain pair!
I've also had some questions about gauge. I haven't stated  gauge as we all work to different tensions. I really don't want you to stress about getting the tension right. If it feels too tight/loose either go up/down a hook size or try fewer or more stitches. Keep trying it on to check that all feels good!
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