29 Dec 2018

Getting ziggy with it....

Hey! Welcome back for a little WIP update!
My Scheepjes Our Tribe project...
Let's just crack on and look at some photos eh?

I decided on a zig zag design....alternating yarns to give this lovely striped effect.
Stripy zig zags!!!
I love how the colours play with each other....

It's a very relaxing project... perfect for snuggling up in front of the TV with.
The colour changes keep the interest going..... 

Before I knew it, I had a lovely finished scarf....

Pinned out on the blocking board you can really appreciate how the two colours work together!

Next time I'll share pics of both the finished scarves together!
They've already done a good job of keeping us warm in the chilly weather.

Til next time x

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  1. Gorgeous! Such beautiful yarn. I love the idea of alternating the colours to give that lovely stripe effect :)