30 Dec 2018

Introducing... Ziggy Ziggy!

I found a little time in this crazy month to take some photos of the finished scarves.... we went out and about on a country estate and snapped like crazy! Thankfully the weather was on our side.... no up a mountain shots this time but I do love the photos we managed to get.

Soooo.... as I mentioned in the last post, I made up the scarf in 2 colour ways.
Both using Scheepjes Our Tribe.
Each scarf uses 2 different colour ways... the one on the left is made with Jellina Creations and Lilla Bjorn....and the one on the right is made with Cypress Textiles and The Curio Crafts Room.
I'll share the free pattern tomorrow, but it's very easy to adjust the width and length of both scarves. Ok let's have a little look at each one more closely....

These 2 colour ways work beautifully together and give a nice subtle effect.....
For something a little more bold the second scarf packs a little more punch!

The photo above was taken as the light was more golden....hence the warmer effect!

Join me tomorrow when I'll share the free pattern! 
Til then x

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  1. Beautiful. My crochet skills are still at the basic Granny Square stage, but I do enjoy looking at your beautiful creations :)