31 Dec 2019

Shirley Scarf Free Pattern

Happy New Years Eve everyone!
Hope you're all having a peaceful day and if you're celebrating tonight - ENJOY!

I've spent the last 48 hours counting up all of my WIPs and having a teensy meltdown!
I've sorted out my project bags and made an order list.... to be fair.... many of my projects are on the home stretch with not much more work needed. So I'm on a mission to get them finished and blocked.
(Just end weaving in is needed on 2 projects!!!)

Today I'm bring the pattern for my Shirley scarf.
It's easy peesy project that can be made of scraps.... perfect for those end of balls/skeins

I made mine from leftovers from my Dottie cushion. So whilst I'm giving you quantities needed, you can use up your odds and ends! (my stash mountain needs some serious reducing!)


Yarn: Scheepjes Metropolis (75% Merino Extra Fine 25% Nylon, 50g/200m)
A - 078 Lyon x 1 ball
B - 069 Miami x 1 ball
C - 019 Marseille x 1 ball
D - 076 Sevilla x 1 ball
E - 018 Suwon x 1 ball 
F - 075 Mexico City x 1 ball
Scheepjes Mohair Rhythm (70% Mohair 30% Microfibre, 25g/200m)
690 Bop x 2 balls 
4.5mm needles (straight or circular would be fine)
Needle to weave in ends 
Blocking materials

Gauge is not really important for this project! Working with 4.5mm needles will produce a fabric with a lovely drape once blocked.

Finished size when blocked - 25cm x 168cm (10" x 66") approx.

How To

Using a strand of Mohair Rhythm and yarn A held together cast on 57 stitches using your favourite cast on method

Row 1 (RS) k1, p1 to last stitch, k1
Row 2 (WS) k1, p1 to last stitch, k1
These 2 rows form a seed stitch pattern
Repeat these 2 rows twice more (6 rows worked). This is your scarf edge completed. 

Now for the main scarf pattern. This consists of a 2 row pattern that is repeated. 
For my scarf I designed a simple stripe design that I repeated throughout.  The details are below but feel free to play with colours and stripe variations. As I changed colour, I simply broke off the coloured yarn whilst keeping the Mohair yarn intact and joined in a new colour.

Row 1 (RS) [k1, p1] twice, knit to last 4 stitches, [p1, k1] twice
Row 2 (WS) [k1, p1] twice, purl to last 4 stitches [p1, k1] twice

Border - 6 rows in B
Main pattern: 8 rows in B
8 rows in A
14 rows in F
8 rows in C
4 rows in A
2 rows in B
4 rows in A
8 rows in D
14 rows in E
4 rows in A
2 rows in B
4 rows in A

I repeated this 6 times ending with colour E then worked 8 rows in A, 8 rows in B and finished with 6 rows of seed stitch. 
Cast off. Weave in ends and block.


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