11 Dec 2017

Water Lilies Blanket WIP Update

Hi folks!
Just thought I'd quickly pop in and share some WIP progress pics with you 😊
If you can remember back to this post, I decided to make a luxury blanket with Scheepjes Secret Garden and inspired by Claude Monet's Water Lilies painting (well one of many!)

I chose 3 colours for the blanket: 709 Lily Pond, 703 Secluded Lake and 702 Herb Garden

I felt that these 3 would give me the colour selection that I was aiming for. 

The blues....

the lilacs and purples....

and oh! those greens 😍

Mix them up a bit and you get a dreamy patchwork!

I'm really happy with how my Water Lilies blanket is coming along!
These aren't huge squares so there are a LOT to make! Thankfully it's a perfect TV project as the pattern is very simple. 
Ok I had better get back to blocking!
The blanket is nearing completion and I can't wait to show you the finished project....

Til next time x
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