6 Nov 2018

Something New.....

I'm starting a new project. 
Because having 2 projects already on the go and a gazillion in the next in the queue pile isn't quite enough!

This time I'm trying something different. Something with a few different techniques. I think....
I like this part. Ideas whirling around my head....not quite sure how it'll end up. 
Will it work? How can I make it work?

So you'll have to bear with me on this one....join me on the journey so to speak!

The yarn I've chosen for this project is Scheepjes Maxi Sweet Treat (formerly known as Bon Bon).
I was luck enough to get a ball of each colour when it was launched to play with!
Have you seen all of those gorgeous colours?
How on earth do I choose???!!!

These are 25g balls which are 100% mercerised cotton. Each ball gives a generous 140 metres of yarn and it can be worked with a variety of different hook sizes depending on what effect you're after!
1.25mm will give a nice dense fabric whilst a larger 3mm will give a more lacy fabric. 

I've chosen a selection of colours....it may change as the project evolves. 
I'm thinking a flower garden.....hence the large number of greens....with splashes of flower colour!

Yup...thats a lampshade kit!!!! EEEEEKS!!!!
Well I'm gonna give it a try...
I've got some linen fabric, a needle punchy thingy, embroidery needle and a trusty hook.
Stay tuned....this could get interesting!

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